BF3 still worth getting?

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User Info: Toho2

3 years ago#1
I'm wondering if I should get BF3 since I have 20 bucks to spare. Is the game still active and do people play it regularly? Also, I'm a Battlefield noob. ;)

User Info: thecatsix

3 years ago#2
It's an awesome game still. I just started playing it again after 4 months off. Very fun!
Though, I would not purchase any of the expansions, because most of the expansion maps are no longer anywhere to be found on the servers. The 8 or so regular maps though still have a bunch of people playing them every day.

I was a BF noob too, but I've now sunk over 200 hours into this fine game.

For $20 it is a steal.
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User Info: Airborne6176

3 years ago#3
After this situation w/ BF4 still pretty much being in Beta mode, YES. BF3 is still worth getting, and even more so if you can get Premium.
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User Info: Jaxson_DeVille

3 years ago#4
Just read my sig
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User Info: HipHopBeats

3 years ago#5
Make sure you get the Premium Edition with all DLC included. Definitely worth the $20.
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