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User Info: GTDun

4 years ago#1
I've noticed a lot of threads on this board posted by newcomers looking to squad up with other players. I am also new to the game myself and wouldn't mind having some guys to party up with. I figured we could get a community PSN list going if there are any active players out there that want some people to play with.

Just list your PSN and a little bit about your experience or playstyle if you like. If we get a decently sized list I'll combine them all in a later post to make it easier to add each other. No mic necessary, but maybe if we get a large group of guys we could start using mics for an advantage. I'll start:

PSN: VTX-Hoodlum

I'm brand new to the game, but been an FPS player for a long time. I like CQC and using/destroying tanks, so I usually run Engineer. Learning/unlocking stuff for the tanks right now but might move on to learning helicopters after that.
Alpha Crew
(message deleted)

User Info: ASm3LLyBuM

4 years ago#3
I'm looking for people to play with, I've been playing battlefield since bf1942. I recently switched from Xbox to ps3 and need people to play with. Add me up I'm fairly decent and have a mic. PSN-ASm3LLyBuM

User Info: Ikasnu

4 years ago#4
PSN: Ikasnu
I love Brianna Nicole Smith.
^ Signature for over 2 years.

User Info: MelvinPew

4 years ago#5
Terminator1-34. I like being a medic or recon.

User Info: luisthugg81

4 years ago#6
PSN: luisthugg
Currently play BF3 everyday and have a mic. Engineer class all day every day.

User Info: luisthugg81

4 years ago#7
Sorry, messed up ID name. It's luisthugg81

User Info: bears253

4 years ago#8
Last time I played was 5 months ago. Does that count as active?
ssbb fc-4983-8232-3235

User Info: n7titan

4 years ago#9
Just bought BF4 soooo probably wanna take me off the list

User Info: luisthugg81

4 years ago#10
n7titan posted...
Just bought BF4 soooo probably wanna take me off the list

You'll probably be coming back to bf3...I just couldn't stand bf4
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