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User Info: Death2508

3 years ago#21
Death2508, mainly sniper but all around player also, just started using m16, good with all bolt actions.

User Info: Crazy_Pride

3 years ago#22

My K/D ratio is crap because I play to the objectives, not for kills. I usually play a Medic/engineer role lately, favoring assault rifles. I play at least a little bit each day usually.

User Info: X-PICU-X

3 years ago#23
luisthugg81 posted...
n7titan posted...
Just bought BF4 soooo probably wanna take me off the list

You'll probably be coming back to bf3...I just couldn't stand bf4

I rented BF4, then I borrowed from a friend cause he was going on vacations. I only play TDM cause its the only mode I play with no prob, but lately the hit detention since the last patch its a SH*T. So Im going back to BF3 until they fix that. I play any class when need it, I PTFO ALWAYS!!!, but please dont ask me to snipe, I hate it & suck at it.
"life its simple...just take choices & never look back"

User Info: rinmueru1

3 years ago#24
add me up. DeuxeSG.
"The whole point of playing video games is to waste time, not to be honorable." or something like that...

User Info: XxMissEmmaxX

3 years ago#25
Just bought BF3 from the Playstaion Store yesterday, going to let it finish download today and then I'll get on. I haven't played any Battlefields but I have played CoD, not sure if there's a difference other than vehicles and bigger maps.
PSN: Cambo_99

User Info: LeDerpingMonste

3 years ago#26

Mainly a supportive recon, can provide covering fire on objective. Looking for an active squad. I have a mic. I also play support class hence my skill in suppresion. Looking for a active, English player/squad. I have all unlocks for heli and jet. Can be a pilot or gunner. Rank: Colonel Star 5.


User Info: doobiemaster420

3 years ago#27
the_doobiemastr -psn

Idk my stats, never checked em but I usually run an lmg with suppressor, acog, and bipod.

I love using the mortar and regularly get kills with it.

I suppose i'm more of a support player than rushing to take out mcomms.

I love rush on metro, probably play that more than anything. I usually mortar in the park, use the bipod and camp in bottlenecks in the station, and hold down a building when we get back outside.

I don't like tdm, just objective modes.

I don't have many upgrades for any of the vehicles, never had any luck. Always seems like most people running vehicles only run vehicles so they have everything upgraded and i can't do anything to them. Happily pull out rocket launchers with extra explosive ammo so I can take down jets and choppers, server hosts seem to hate this but whatever if your gonna fly around a chopper and rain down rockets on people running around trying to protect mcomms then i'm going to happily continuously blow you up

User Info: doobiemaster420

3 years ago#28
oh yea I have a mic if that matters to anyone but no dlc

User Info: Garrus-18

3 years ago#29
PSN:Garrus-18 play eveningly between classes but play as engineer the most.
Scratch one, head shot the rest.

User Info: Ikasnu

3 years ago#30
doobiemaster420 posted...
oh yea I have a mic if that matters to anyone but no dlc

DLC is mostly crap.
I love Brianna Nicole Smith.
Now with Engagement.
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