Want this but can't afford Premium, still worth it?

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User Info: MastherBeBad

3 years ago#11
Game no longer requires online pass and no premium not worthy anymore, because everybody plays the classic maps.

User Info: n7titan

3 years ago#12
Spiral_Out_-_ posted...
If I were you I'd just get bf4. But bf3 is still great. I disagree with the person who said it's dead with the COD losers invading the game. I find great matches every time I go on. I'm sure the game will still stay active for a long time, but only for vanilla stuff... I only have the vanilla game and I thoroughly enjoy it. I think around 300 hours so far

There was just so much more then vanilla and now it's mostly gone

User Info: rinmueru1

3 years ago#13
People nowadays mostly play on vanilla. And there's a decent number of players on close quarters maps too.. so getting that DLC is a good idea.
"The whole point of playing video games is to waste time, not to be honorable." or something like that...

User Info: EnteredShikari

3 years ago#14
1. You dont need premium, theres hardly any servers anymore that use the map packs. But if u still want to buy 1 anyway, get back 2 karkand, aftermath, or end game.

2. No, you dont need the online pass. It used to be that you did, but about a year ago they changed it so you dont need it anymore. I think EA did that to all their games that needed an online pass.
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  3. Want this but can't afford Premium, still worth it?

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