What does "Dark of the Moon" mean?

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  3. What does "Dark of the Moon" mean?

User Info: Adam_the_Nerd

6 years ago#1

It kind of sounds like the title was supposed to be "Dark Side of The Moon". But it isn't, so why "Dark of the Moon"?

User Info: Pyroknetik

6 years ago#2
No one really seems to know.
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User Info: Special-Edd

6 years ago#3
Well dark side of the moon was a pink floyd album so I don't think they wanted to get sued or have people laugh at the fact.
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User Info: dspmusik

6 years ago#4
it's Engrish for "Dark side of the moon"
see engrish.com
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User Info: PuckHockey

6 years ago#5

A period of time when the moon isn't visible.


User Info: theloneras

6 years ago#6
It's a result from daft producers allowing Michael Bay to choose the title of the film. Michael Bay isn't smart. He's Splosion-smart!
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User Info: nardinizzle

6 years ago#7
lol Michael Bay boom kablow splosions . kaboom bang pow pow splosions freaking hilarious nice post

User Info: bushisprez

6 years ago#8
This will probably be explained on South Park.
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User Info: LordOfTheMash

6 years ago#9
Adam_the_Nerd posted...
"What does "Dark of the Moon" mean?

It's another, more euphemistic way of saying 'brown of the hole'.
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  3. What does "Dark of the Moon" mean?

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