Pre-Order Bonuses?

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User Info: Uc3lord

5 years ago#11
ultimaweapon79 posted...

"Road kill!" Drake, Uncharted 3

User Info: Fippe94

5 years ago#12
<p>From: ReVenANT1489 | #010
I'm convinced you have no idea what trolling means.</p>

Yes he does. He just did it with you.
My Kingdom Hearts videos:
It's "Fippe", not Flippe"...

User Info: The_Veteran_

5 years ago#13
Madonna came out with a book waaaay back in the day with a steel cover. So should she sue John Beiswenger then?
All men are created equal, however, it's our actions that create the difference between the great and the petty.
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