So is this the final game?

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User Info: ggmboyz

5 years ago#21
Spanish and japanese occupation in the Philippines.

Or Ancient Rome(Since AC has Roman Gods)

U know guys for me whoever hero they will make in the future? I still thinks Altair is the best. Imagine he's so skillful in his times even though the technology not yet the current technology. so just think what if Altair can use the current technology he will be beastfull =)))))

Altair using guns =))

User Info: FetulovesAC

5 years ago#22
What I keep coming back to is the constant mention that there is an Eve to Desmond's Adam. That he must find Eve.

This might be the end of the Desmond Cycle (though I'm not sure of that entirely), but there's an Eve out there who they're setting up all too obviously.

Though there is part of my that wonders if one of Eve's ancestors might be the young lady who visited Ezio in AC:E. I mean, Ezio refused at first and then gave in. Seems that there might be that connection.
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