Three Stealth Assassinations from Corner Spot

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User Info: osborn2009

4 years ago#1
what exactly does it mean by that? i cant figure it out
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User Info: TfT_02

4 years ago#2
You can assassinate people while looking around a corner.
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User Info: derrkderrk

4 years ago#3
Pause the game and read the manual, it's in the actions section under 2.2.4.

User Info: Destinystrike

4 years ago#4
Man, remember back in the day when manuals used to come printed on this stuff called paper and were tucked into those foldey clips inside the box instead of a cover sleeve and an advertisement for the next hunk of crap you should buy?
"If Ubisoft and Angelsoft merged companies you'd get a free roll of toilet paper with every new Tom Clancy game" -Me

User Info: PrinceOfHot

4 years ago#5
Run into the wall by the corner near an enemy. Either wait for him to patrol (make sure he is alone) or whistle by hitting CIRCLE, and he will go to investigate, make sure h is highlighted and just hit SQUARE when he is close enough, its a fast stealth kill.
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