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User Info: SonoftheSouth21

4 years ago#1
Can anyone tell me exactly how I'm supposed to lure the bear out?
PSN: GuyFawkes21

User Info: Lockon

4 years ago#2
Care to elaborate?

User Info: SonoftheSouth21

4 years ago#3
Hunting society quest. Gotta track a bear to a cave and then find a way to lure him out. I feel like I've tried everything
PSN: GuyFawkes21

User Info: daemeon67

4 years ago#4
It's really easy. Pick up the dead body that you'll find a little bit inside the cave then drop it in the middle of the cave near the pile of bones. The bear will show up almost instantly.

Update: Apparently the quest is slightly glitched and the body towards the start of the cave doesn't always spawn. If this happens just run away from the quest area til it resets and try again.

User Info: iceman89720

4 years ago#5
I am having trouble with this as well. There is a dead redcoat inside right near the blood and bones, the only other body I can find outside is a guy who, is moving around on the ground in my game, that was found up by the tent across the river under an overhang. If I take the redcoat outside the cave, I usually hear a bear roar, but when I go inside the redcoat is back in his spot and the other guy doesn't move...

User Info: Mooogleman

4 years ago#6
When I did this I didn't know much, Went in couldn't find the bear went to leave a blue coat was there went to loot him and accidentally picked him up then a promp to lure the bear came up went in threw him down bear popped. I suggest trying to leave and seeing if he was there so far I guess that was a glitch; him not being therel or i just walked past him. Other than that haven't seen a glitch figured the day one patch worked. Just keep trying till a blue coat is there throw him by the red coat boom bear.

User Info: vagasso10

4 years ago#7
I think the trick is to do this during daylight .. I tried over and over and the only thing that was different when it worked was that it was day time vs night time

User Info: vagasso10

4 years ago#8
Oh, and be sure to get all the bear skins from all of your kills .. I got filthy rich selling everything to the peddler at the bottom of the hill after it was all said and done *grin*

User Info: twotonez

4 years ago#9
Not working for me. During the daytime too. There seems to be a lot of little glitches in this game. Getting kinda annoying.

User Info: KorLeonis

4 years ago#10
Worked on the 2nd try for me, daytime. The body wasn't there the first time, but when I went away and came back, a corpse in a green coat was just inside the cave entrance. Carry him to the bone pile, and out pops the bear.

And do not sell the skins to the peddler!! He rips you off big time. Send them by naval convoy to Saint-Augustine. Naval convoy gets you $1500+ per skin, the peddler gives you $240.

If you upgrade the convoy capacity to max, you can get $23000 or more per trip.

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