Uhh where do you buy arrows?

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User Info: JManGT

5 years ago#11
hanzo7777 posted...
JManGT posted...
Lock0n_ScOpeZ posted...
Do you know if its possible to dual wield pistols?

No unless "double pistols" is its own item in the shop as you can't dual wield any two firearms in your inventory.

are you sure?
i think i read a mentioning of a double holster in the description in the store,could be wrong though

It'll be an item "dual pistols", you can't dual wield firearms as you can't posess more than one of the same weapon.
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User Info: Lockon

5 years ago#12
Well check this out he shoots two wolves and clearly has two pistols.


User Info: CamperWen

5 years ago#13
Yes, there is a dual holster and you can bring two pistols into battle but the benefit it brings is that you can shoot twice without reloading. You can't wield them John Woo style.
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User Info: Uhh

5 years ago#14
The Arrow Man!
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User Info: calsterc4

5 years ago#16
You can only craft it under the specialty items menu

Twin Holsters

Artisan: Tailor (Lvl.2)
Ingredient 1: Wolf Pelt
Ingredient 2: Rosewood Lumber


User Info: Lockon

5 years ago#17
So thats what the crafting thing is for...Thanks.

User Info: Buttertoaster79

5 years ago#18
Yes you can dual wield its an attachment it might be in shops but I think it's in the ledger book in ur home mansion thing or at the docks at ur homestead

And I can't find arrows either.

User Info: GuardianShadow0

5 years ago#19
You can make arrows too, I'm pretty sure.

User Info: Graeves

5 years ago#20
GuardianShadow0 posted...
You can make arrows too, I'm pretty sure.

Yup, you can craft items.

Aswell as the twin pistol belt, allowing you to carry 2 pistols.
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  3. Uhh where do you buy arrows?

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