peg leg trinket frontier location

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User Info: theimortal2

5 years ago#11
i told you which one. it's the one in diamond basin that's below a cabin. or appears to be.

User Info: _Shikoba_

5 years ago#12
It's not that hard really.

Start at the tree, you should see a river to your right. Follow the river north until you see the 3 rocks across the river. Cross the river and climb up the three rocks. From there look West and you should see a tree. Head to the tree and climb up it until you are in the "V" shaped part at the top. You will notice you can jump to a few other trees so go ahead and do that and you will see a little town. Find the Tavern and climb to the top. If you notice to the North you can see a clearing in the trees. head to that clearing and once you are there climb down the rocks into the hole that is there and after you look around a bit you should find the trinket.
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User Info: Madigari

5 years ago#13
theimortal2 posted...
i told you which one. it's the one in diamond basin that's below a cabin. or appears to be.

That tells me literally nothing. Since I already picked it up off my map, I don't know where exactly it was at. I meant a picture of your map where it is or something.

I will say that most of them were in caves in Frontier, and they weren't exactly obvious, either. Many times, I had to just scour everything around.

As a guess, you may be on the one that's got a tree trunk blocking the cave entrance. I almost went right by it because I was about to climb over using the trunk.
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User Info: theimortal2

5 years ago#14
okay i found it. it was in a mine just south of the cabin the marker leads me too. i apologize for how i acted on this board. it was more towards the game then anybody here.

User Info: sujuke

5 years ago#15
Its in a little cave by a mining shack just circle the area
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User Info: rcrooks

5 years ago#16
bumping I also cant find this one... it looks like its in the backyard of a cabin that has no entrance.

Its smack in the middle of the diamond basin.

User Info: OhhSnap

5 years ago#17

these interactive maps should have your peg locations (:

User Info: rcrooks

5 years ago#18
Didnt help, I see where it is, cant get to it, guess theres a cave somewhere but have searched every direction for 200m.

User Info: Conwaytwittyjr

5 years ago#19
Same problem here. Idk if its glitched or what but its annoying.

User Info: aceswilder

5 years ago#20
This might help. When you are supposedly above the trinket next to the cabin. Go down slope past the cabin to the right. You should see more cabins. You should see a guy using his saw on some wood. Keep heading toward to right down slope until you see mining carts and a mine along the right cliff. It's in the mine.
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