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User Info: Cloud576

4 years ago#1
with the bow than to go for unarmed kills?

I climb a tree, throw down some bait and wait. I snipe them as they come until I run out of arrows (hopefully I can get a bigger quiver at some point) then I hope down, get my spoils and arrows, and then move a bit further away and repeat. I'm getting a lot more this way then I was before.

Everything even says it's in perfect condition when I do this.

I really only air assassinate the stuff that can't be taken down in 1 arrow, like Elk.
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User Info: Revan126

4 years ago#2
Only in sequence 6 so far, but I find myself just hidden blading random deer, rabbits, and elk that happen to be running into me in the path in which I am running in. The bow is easier, but it really isn't too hard to hidden blade most things so far. Red Dead Redemption makes hunting in this game a breeze, especially bears and cougars.
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  3. Who else finds it easier to hunt ...

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