Noob here need help with Synchronization

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User Info: helvinek83

5 years ago#1
I played AC1 for 30 min and didn't like it then played ACII for like 7 hours and got to the big huge market where you have to find all those eagle points and got lost. Oh yeah and I had to check gamefaqs every like 30 min or so in ACII because I kept getting stuck. So I am not really all that experienced with this game series yet.

On Synchronization
So I am not sure if synchronization was in the last games but I was wondering if in this game if you guys could explain it in detail. I know sometimes you have to complete optional objectives to get full 100% synchro but I was wondering what other things I should know also like what pointers (is time a factor, kill style, etc) you guys can give me on that. Also I was wondering if you guys can tell me if you can go back through all sequences later in the game to get full 100% synchro or do you only get one chance to get the 100%?

User Info: Sunricer

5 years ago#2
First of all, you can replay memories, so yes, you can go back and 100% them later if you want to.

To get 100% you need to finish the optional objectives, how you kill doesn't matter unless specified by the game objectives. (Time isn't a factor either unless the objectives says so)
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  3. Noob here need help with Synchronization

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