air assassination w/ musket *spoilers maybe*

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  3. air assassination w/ musket *spoilers maybe*

User Info: XsjadoTwin11

5 years ago#1
During the Tea Party Mission an optional objective is complete an air assassination w/ a musket. But as soon as I climb anything Conner drops the musket. Anyone know how to pull this off?
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User Info: arob22

5 years ago#2
You can walk on the rails of the ship and as one attempts to go on you can do the Air Assassination there

User Info: Buddha1187

5 years ago#3
I stood/crouched on the ledge of the ship facing outboardnd as the red coats were coming in, just waited till one highlighted and jumped
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User Info: peter_888

5 years ago#4
yeah, like the other said. Just equip the musket, wait on the rail. Then Air assassinate them with it.
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  3. air assassination w/ musket *spoilers maybe*

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