Endless hickey chase !!!!! :(

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  3. Endless hickey chase !!!!! :(

User Info: elsanto22

5 years ago#1
What the hell this game is fun but all the glitches are messing up the game for me I'm in an infinite chase with hickey I can't catch him n if I kill him the sequence ends. I don't know if my game uploaded the patch that everyone is talking about but I need it and can't find it and my ps3 ain't showing signs of it uploading it itself so how do I get the patch to fix these annoying glitches ? And if I can't get the patch can I delete the game completely from the system to see if the game once I put it in again loads the patch ....appreciate a serious response about to give up on this game .

User Info: nwtnsbstrdson

5 years ago#2
Flank him... He runs is a circle.

If all else fails:

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User Info: ZodasRevenge

5 years ago#3
This isn't a glitch - all the chase missions are stupidly unforgiving. It's poor design. But yeah, as stated above, flank him.
Maximum Overdrive 5 years ago#4
Yeah, cut corners and flank him. He runs the same continuous path. I must've ran the New York marathon before I finally caught up to him.
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User Info: Graeves

5 years ago#5
I ran for 15 minutes before I caught up with him....

Needless to say I shoved/tackled anybody in my way, failing the full sync objective...

Tried hitting to the rooftops but he got away everytime I finally reached the roof.
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User Info: Y35jd4

5 years ago#6
I hit him with a poison dart, which seemed to slow him down. After that it was easy to tackle him.

User Info: TheAxeMurderer1

5 years ago#7
Has anyone got him without bumping into anyone. I tried a few times but got frustrated and gave up for now.

User Info: ry_mann

5 years ago#8
TheAxeMurderer1 posted...
Has anyone got him without bumping into anyone. I tried a few times but got frustrated and gave up for now.

I did actually. Very lucky. It's not too hard as long as your timing is right. If you fall too far behind him then just restart the checkpoint. If you're close enough you can pass the crowds before they jump on the money he drops.
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User Info: TEHMAHZ

5 years ago#9
I can make a terrible video later if no one else replies solidly

User Info: Hemerukio

5 years ago#10
When you both run down the first alley right off the bat, don't follow him down his next turn. Instead, keep running forward and past the line of clothes and towels or whatever and slide under it. Then, keep running until you see a staircase. Don't go up it, go to the left where there's a path. At this point it'll say you're too far away from the target, but just keep running and it'll go away. Down this path there's usually NO ONE there, aside from one woman that spawns there sometimes. Once you exit this path, run straight ahead and at this point you should actually be AHEAD of Hickey by a few seconds. Tackle him when he comes out the passage and you're good before he even gets to throw more coins.
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  3. Endless hickey chase !!!!! :(

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