**FOUND** North Boston Liberation mission with missing icon (link to pic)

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User Info: novachecks

5 years ago#1

Photo at the link. It's where Connor's icon is.

User Info: novachecks

5 years ago#2
This is the last guy in the stocks btw.

User Info: SirGizmo

5 years ago#3
It happens in every zone. Just have to keep exploring the zone until you find a mission to do, they won't always appear on the map.
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User Info: xRayx7

5 years ago#4
you are a god sent i tell you. a god sent!
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User Info: LunarRoar

5 years ago#5
Tagged for when I get home from work. Thanks a bunch! You wouldn't happen to have these for south Boston and North New York as well, would you?
Official Grand Master Assassin of New York (Assassin's Creed 3 board)

User Info: sirbenny

5 years ago#6
Thanks loads! I tried to talk to my contact half a dozen times before i looked this up.

User Info: clenzor

5 years ago#7
This was very frustrating for me as well. This is the first AC that you do not "defog" the entire map with the Viewpoints. You need to explore certain areas around the edges of the map in order to explore them. For the liberation contracts, just run around the fogged areas until one of them shows up on your map, as there is not very much space that is unclear.

I like the fact that it stopped holding your hand for the map, I would just like it better if you defogged more of the map than a small strip when you are exploring.

One thing I think would be very interesting for AC4 would be finding your own viewpoints. You would need to climb tall buildings and trees and synchronize them yourself, and depending on how high you are it would clear up more of the map.

User Info: d3athandr3birth

5 years ago#8
See, I'm having the opposite problem. For some reason the last merchant isn't showing up for me
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User Info: Little_harsh

5 years ago#9
i had the same problem with boston south with people forced to be recruited mission, eventually i just looked a big group of guards or two guys on horses and i found the last a few minutes later after i started looking

User Info: rufuzmitchell

5 years ago#10
thanks TC, tag for later.
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  3. **FOUND** North Boston Liberation mission with missing icon (link to pic)

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