Best way to make money?

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User Info: _Dura_

4 years ago#11
Beer pelts? I like the sound of that...
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User Info: Mooogleman

4 years ago#12
Ha! my bad i meant bear belts

User Info: Rock Dash3X

Rock Dash3X
4 years ago#13
Wow I did not know you can use the Convoy to sell things you hunted. I always sold them to stores. Though I'm still new with Convoy. I think I got the general ideal on it. Wish they explained it better.

User Info: _Dura_

4 years ago#14
Naval convoys make the big bucks.
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kabuki....isnt that were you know...on the girl? - CrusaderZeRo

User Info: GonzoDuke

4 years ago#15
Here's a video from IGN about making money. To sum it up if you can't watch, hunt a lot, use convoy, and have your homestead people build ships, and sell them. Building the ships (homestead must be upgraded to high level) seems to make the most money.
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User Info: macisotsu

4 years ago#16
romeo_longsword posted...
JManGT posted...
Beaver pelts on convoys is easily the fastest way. You can farm your next load before you get paid off from your last convoy. Can't do that with bears.

Sorry to keep asking, do you know the map name at all and what direction in the map? Cos convoy to me is a "truck" you attack and loot, although I have completed the game, but name and places I am still pretty weak on these deparments

They mean a convoy you build and send from the ledger at the homestead or a merchant. You can build both land and naval convoys.
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User Info: skyfly67

4 years ago#17
I've spent a little time using assassin missions. After getting all three in Boston, if you just keep sending them out it can be ~400-500 every 2-15 minutes depending on where you send them. It's not a lot of money fast, but if you do it while you're doing other things it adds up.

User Info: AndreNitro

4 years ago#18
The best method i have used is hunting. Once you master hunting, the money will start rolling in. Killing beavers is easy, and i have found hunting in the winter far easier than the summer. I got about close to ten wolfs killed that's gonna net a lot of money when i go to sell.
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User Info: Cadaurny

4 years ago#19
If you start at the manor and go down near the river and run along the path heading to the ocean you can find infinitely respawning beavers, they are slow and easy to hunt, each pelt will net you about 500 on a land convoy and I hear about 1000 on a naval convoy. You should make sure to get your three land convoys and upgrade the carrying capacity to the max of 8 and then you can just send them off and rake in thousands every few minutes.

I'd recommend getting your three assassin recruits in Boston (and your three in NY if you are there) before you do this so you can send them on missions while you hunt, it'll give you a bit of extra cash and is an easy way to level them up while you're busy and can't use them. If you can use Naval convoys make sure to free up a trade route by playing Naval missions along it from the harbormaster, it'll lower the risk a great deal.
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User Info: Twisted_Fool

4 years ago#20
When will I be able to upgrade my convoys' carrying cap? And also, when will I be able to craft naval convoys? Do I need to upgrade my woodworkers and lumberers to be able to do that? I'm still in sequence six...

Also, is sending your assassins to defend your convoys a sure success, or will it fail sometimes?
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