Favorite outfits?

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User Info: legaiap

5 years ago#11
I like the aquila outfit is there a way you can wear it without being on the boat?

User Info: Billysan

5 years ago#12
OZ_Archangel posted...
Im not that far into the game to even start this collection. I wish there was a website that had pics of all the costumes and info on how to get them

Here's how to get them all.


Along with some pics on the bottom.

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User Info: _Dura_

5 years ago#13
As far as colors? Boston outfit looks best.

As far as outfits? Achilles' Outfit.

Any outfit from any AC? Ezio's AC2 robes with no armor are, to me, the pinnacle of costume design.
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User Info: Warg0d0d1n

5 years ago#14
I like the New York one, but it looks like Alex Mercer from Prototype. Oh well, it is sexy.
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User Info: bonse

5 years ago#15
spike17spiegel posted...
DH2007 posted...
spike17spiegel posted...
New York black and red is g2g in my book.

This one, I always thought assassins would want to blend into the shadows and this one seems like the coolest one to me.

Exactly the reason. Now I'm one with the shadows! :-)

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But in all honesty I tend to go with White/Red until a certain point when I feel Ezio/Connor has become a Guild/Grand Master and then switch to Black/Red. So in this game Charlestown (or is it Jamestown?) then New York.

Wish it didn't just show default in cutscenes. Blue isnt assassiny

User Info: FreakyFranc

5 years ago#16
Here is my point of view on the outfits.

Connor default - its more like a noble outfit.

Achilles - this one look like it was made to be weared during a war/battle.

Kidd - Captain Jack Sparrow anyone?

Native outfit - when i go hunt animals

prison outfit - when i want to make Connor look like a drunk guy

And then there is the different dyes,here how i proceed.

When i start the game i always take the white/red dye so i can blend nicely in Boston with all the red coats.

When im in the frontier during summer i always take the brown/red so i can blend with the nature.

But then as soon as the blue coats appear in the game,i wear the white/blue one.

And when we get acces to New York and we side with the blue coats,i wear the philadelphia outfit to show wich side Connor choosed.

Then near the end (lots of spoilers for those that didnt finish the game)

Before Connor kill his father and start chasing Lee, i wear the dark blue/red outfit because i want to show that Connor doesnt trust anyone now but himself and that he know now that the Revolutionaries arent as nice as he tought (the dark blue part of the outfit show this) by letting Lee live and the mistrust they had on his village/tribe.

After he kill his father i wear the Baltimore black/grey outfit to show the influence of Haytam and Kanen'to kon (his childhood friend) deaths on Connor + his desire to kill Lee and the grey part to show that he doesnt know what will happen after he get rid of him and what the future might bring him.

And finaly,when i finished the main story and continue the free roam,i wear the black/red outfit to show that after everythings that Connor went trough is life,he ended up with losing everything/persons he carred about(except the homestead village peoples).His mother,his father,his childhood friend,Achilles who was his mentor and almost like a father to him and his village/tribe going away showing that all of this was for nothing.
So in the end he his only a mere shadow of himself and what he was in the beginning.

I did pretty much the samething with Ezio in AC2,at the end i made him wear altair armor+with his beard to show that even after trying to avenge the death of his father and 2 brothers and didnt killed Rodrigo,he became a mere shadow of the young joyful man that he was at the beginning,a man with only regrets and sadness in him.

User Info: FreakyFranc

5 years ago#17
Quite interesting when you see it that way,right?

User Info: THE_JOKE_KING33

5 years ago#18
Captain Kidd's Outfit, easily my favorite one throughout all the games.
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User Info: FreakyFranc

5 years ago#19

User Info: jovan28

5 years ago#20
ShinnHikari posted...
Jamestown one, I believe it was. the one that's white with the red trim, solely because it resembles the older Assassin outfits

It resembles the concept art of connor(slightly) too
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