What do the inventions DO?

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User Info: Fayt_Kenni

4 years ago#1
I've crafted them all and I'm looking everywhere trying to see what they accomplished.

User Info: spike17spiegel

4 years ago#2
Just decoration for your house.
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User Info: bhaal_spawn

4 years ago#3
as mentioned just house decoration

though they are required for some trophies if you are planning on getting the Platinum
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User Info: TheAxeMurderer1

4 years ago#4
Can someone tell me where to get glass bottles from? Do I need to find them somewhere because I can't buy them from any of my artisans.

User Info: Parabola70O1

4 years ago#5
you make glass bottles, they are under the mats tab

User Info: _Dura_

4 years ago#6
You craft them from sand.
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User Info: TheAxeMurderer1

4 years ago#7
Ah thank you, I'm stupid. Also for Encyclopedia of the Common Man, it says to check the progress in the book. But some of them it only says level 1 even though I've gotten 3/3, and the tailor I haven't scanned once also says level 1.

User Info: bigp_28

4 years ago#8
Those are the ranks of your artisans. You increase those by completing the homestead quests associated with each of them. They unlock as you progress through the game.
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  3. What do the inventions DO?

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