not worth $60? what do you guys think?

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  3. not worth $60? what do you guys think?

User Info: unceramonius

4 years ago#11
Um...damarus, then tell me why online digital copies are more expensive than case copies in a lot of situations.

If something is digital and i dont get a copy....the way hard drives break, internet usuage, etc pay no more than 20 % retail price.
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User Info: helvinek83

4 years ago#12
jasomramirez666 posted...
Its definitely a great game but its the same things over and over again. It feels like the developers nowadays just follow the CoD mentality, if it ain't broken - don't fix it. It has nothing new to offer, just the story really.

What do you guys think?

Umm I got screwed by Gamestop out of $5 by a system glitch and paid $68 for a $63 game. So be glad if you get it for $63.

User Info: xxcheexx

4 years ago#13
I got it for $45 so I'm not complaining.
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User Info: Rybal

4 years ago#14
unceramonius posted...
Um...damarus, then tell me why online digital copies are more expensive than case copies in a lot of situations.

If something is digital and i dont get a copy....the way hard drives break, internet usuage, etc pay no more than 20 % retail price.

The physical components are actually the CHEAPEST portion to produce. I would estimate that less than $5 of the cost of each game is the disk/booklet/case and would not be surprised if that number is less than $2 per game.

On the other hand, I typically feel that a game is worth my money if I have spent a certain amount of time with it. In this case, I'd say 30 hours is reasonable. 30 hours = $2/hour for entertainment, meaning that I am getting a great value for my money. Think about it this way, if you go to a movie, you'll spend anywhere from $6-20 to watch it for 2 hours. In the very best scenario, you'd still be paying more for your entertainment than you are with a 30+ hour game.


Also, I am a firm believer of only complaining about things where you have a possible solution. The OP did not post anything that he would have preferred. There were a number of differences between this game and the previous ones, unlike COD.

In this series, the setting actually is important to the plot. As such, new locations are very important. Also, the addition of the frontier is a massive step forward for the game, as was the inclusion of naval battles, which they realized that they should be completely optional, unlike the Assassin's Den missions in ACR.

Combat is more fluid. Freerunning was simplified so that you weren't having to hold multiple buttons to do so. What they could have done instead is had the analog sticks allow you to run when pushed all the way and used R1 to freerun, but they didn't do that.

For the map issues, this is actually my biggest complaint about the game (and the fact that location markers reset when you fast travel). It would have been nice if they had at least included hidden view points that you had to find on your own or that showed up once you went past them.

User Info: ravensfan2055

4 years ago#15
Madigari posted...
Except there was one thing that wasn't broken that they fixed: freerunning.

Granted, it was probably necessary for moving through the trees fluidly, but I definitely miss having the ability to jog without climbing all over things if I brush up against something.

I'm with you on that. Connor is so much more stickier than Ezio, and that's why.
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User Info: Xandagar

4 years ago#16
*Possible Spoilers ahead*

For the length and gameplay, it is definitely worth the $60. Though I only rented it a couple of times however I do felt it is worth it especially since I am still some more. Speaking of more, the game also felt unfinished. I saw the ending and to be honest, it does not look like the complete ending at all.

I mean ACII may have a cliffhanger ending, however it ended pretty well and knowing that another chapter (originally thought to be ACIII before Brotherhood announced) is on the way. Even Mass Effect 3 original ending felt complete compared to ACIII. Now I do not mean to bash it. I merely meant that there will be another chapter coming. Come to think of it, I believe it is like ACII in which ACIII ended as it is: leaving another chapter for Conner and Desmond. Yes, I know the developers said about Desmond's fate, however I am highly unconvinced that it is over yet especially with a certain character is now freed and on the loose to do who knows what.
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User Info: TruthsEdge

4 years ago#17
PrinceVege101 posted...
What it lacks in some areas is makes up in others. Though who ever decided to gloss over the Creed deserves to be fired or some such.

That's probably my biggest disappointment with the game, Connor isn't an assassin - just a warrior with the robes.

That is just a reflection of the time period. They Assassin order was pretty much dead so most of the tradition that came with it was lost.. Connor was on of the only active Assassins in the Colonies. Even your recruits aren't Assassin's they are just people who wanted to help your cause.
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User Info: sideways77

4 years ago#18
People forget Snes games and psone/64 games were 59.99 as well...
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User Info: bigkev1986

4 years ago#19
Be thankful that AAA titles like AC3 are only $60, I'm sure if it were up to the developers they would charge as much as $100 considering how much work, time, marketing, money, and resources go into making high-profile titles these days. Any studio working on a huge game for years at a time is spending a clear fortune, it probably KILLS them to charge $60/copy but they know if they charge any more than that it wouldn't fly with gamers. If you've beaten the game and had to sit through a half hour of credits just realize that each and every one of those people is paid a salary to work on the game so you could enjoy it. Your $60 might have paid for only a couple hours of work from just one of those people.

People see sales figures of certain games selling millions of copies and think these studios are rolling in the dough but in most cases they're probably losing money or barely breaking even. This industry has become a high-risk, low-reward business and honestly I don't think selling big budget games for $60 is going to fly much longer. Once next-generation consoles hit the scene and developers start spending even more money developing games for a new system I think you will see games creep up over $70 per copy on a regular basis. Add to that the rapid growth of $1 mobile games and the console gaming industry is heading into trouble. If we want high profile, high production value console games we will have to pay high profile prices or we'll lose them all together.

That said, as a fan of the series I absolutely believe this game is worth $60. For the hours and hours of entertainment I get playing the AC series it doesn't bother me in the least to pay full price every year. Then again I am not a hardcore gamer and I usually buy two, MAYBE three games a year so $120 or so annually is a lot easier to swallow than buying new games every month. I have bought each and every AC game to come out for PS3 and enjoyed them all (yes even Revelations) so unless the series falls into an absolute tailspin Ubisoft will be getting my $60 because I appreciate the work that goes into my favorite games.

User Info: gooberman777

4 years ago#20
I love this game
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