not worth $60? what do you guys think?

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  3. not worth $60? what do you guys think?

User Info: kamikaze135

4 years ago#31
Damaras posted...
The entire game is included on the CD as well, but certain aspects like DLC is just locked somewhere on it. ;D

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User Info: Gr8nSmall

4 years ago#32
Newts_Ute posted...
I got the join or die edition (AU$110) and personally think it was worth every cent.

LE here (North America) for $119 USD. Easily worth every cent.

User Info: Xandagar

4 years ago#33
sideways77 posted...
People forget Snes games and psone/64 games were 59.99 as well...

Mega Man X2 for $87.99

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User Info: Sukiyw

4 years ago#34
Really, living in the US is living life on easy mode when it comes to pricing in everything. Games are dirt cheap at 60 USD. The rest of the world pays way way way more than you do for electronics, games( yes even japan), and release dates are all really late (and mostly unreliable). You get your game for half the price the rest of the world pays (except japan, where they pay 7k to 8k yen wich is roughly 70 or 80 usd, wich is not twice but still more).
Stop whining about this, it is really annoyiing seeing so much people who don't know what expensive really means.
A good game is worth beeing bought, and 60 usd is not much.
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  3. not worth $60? what do you guys think?

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