Best AC game yet?

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User Info: riouken1234

4 years ago#41
ajmrowland posted...
riouken1234 posted...
*AC2 spoilers*

Ezio is flippant and inconsistent. On one hand, he lets a target live after killing many, many others to reach him - which effectivley makes their sacrifice (the people who did LESS harm) mean almost nothing.

Then he says silly things like, "A nice change of pace from the usual sneaking and stabbing... I like it." - That's people's lives he is talking about!

Comedic one-liners and charm appeals to many, but not to me. Maybe I have no sense of humour, but I'd be happy if every psychotic Nathan Drake was gone from videogaming.

Altair and Agent 47, please!

As for this being the best AC? I'd say it ties the top spot with AC1. But that's just me.

to be frank, ezio was facing rodrigo only with what happened to his family on his mind at that moment. He also felt that he wouldnt have true peace if he kept killing. So he was blinded not by revenge, but by some spiritual fulfillment.


He says, "No, killing you won't bring my family back. I'm done."

Selfish, in my opinion. No, it won't bring your family back, and nor will it bring back the lives of all those people Rodrigo will put in danger now that you have let him live.

And let's not forget the people he killed to get to Rodrigo. Does their death mean nothing now he realises he won't get his family back? No. They had families too. It was his duty to kill Rodrigo after everything he put other people through. It shouldn't have been about him, he should have thought about others.

A la Connor and Altair.

User Info: cid00

4 years ago#42
ACIII is nice, but ACII is still by far the best imo.
Got it memorized ?

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