Buggiest Game You've Played in Awhile? Y/N?

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User Info: ratchet200

5 years ago#81
Ive had numerious bugs including one that had me fall through the world and got me killed.

User Info: xxcheexx

5 years ago#82
Yep and it was just really frustrating. Not Bethesda-level bugs but it just ruins the game experience for me.
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User Info: untamed_squall

5 years ago#83
I finished the game and almost all side content and didn't have a single problem.

User Info: AyahRiven

5 years ago#84
DrunkBeardGuy posted...
Well what then? The only other option is to just not have it. They could have a notification that pops up that says Connor didn't waste animals and that's it, but I think they wanted the same impact for wildlife as civilians.

Eh, either way it's going to make people mad. Don't have it, you disrespect his culture. Put it in, and it's a stupid mechanic.

I don't think it's disrespecting his culture to not force you to game over. It could quite easily warn you that you're not fully in synch, but not game over you. That would be dandy.

OhhSnap posted...
Precisely! But I don't think there are too many people that would complain about the skinning thing, hence probably why they kept it.

Fyi I just tested it, and it said

Warning: Connor skinned every animal he killed.
(Pretty much stating that he didn't waste)
Failure to skin your next animal will result in desyncronization
(Giving a good warning that you're about to desynch)

So yes there's a pretty noticeable notification already, screen all jacking up and everything when it gives you these messages.

I can kill at least 4 animals before it ever mentions anything about desynching. Nobody would complain about not being game over'd for not wanting to skin every single animal you hunt, and anybody that did would be moronic to do so. "Oh man, I wish the game forced me to do completely arbitrary things! Stupid Ubisoft, letting me do what I want. Patch!"

F_Wolf posted...
What the **** where you thinking? Why is this even coming up while you play? Are you actually just running around in the woods slaughtering every animal you see and then running away from them with out skinning them?

Holy crap, people will complain about anything these days. Did you know that the game stops working when I shake my PS3 above my head while playing? Its ******** BS.

Somebody didn't read the thread. Stop foaming at the mouth and think before you type. Cheers.

User Info: talon0psi

5 years ago#85
Worse delivery of a 'finished product' since BF3 imho. I can only post one pro point honestly and that's the concept of the game. As for the con's, the list goes on and on;

- disjointed story line.
- terrible voice acting and npc interaction
- beyond terrible actioning of character, i.e. the 'jump loop' where your stuck hopping to every item around you except the ground.
- supporting actions such as trading and crafting...useless after a couple of sequences, easily forgotten.
- nutering the very essence of recruits, again forgotten side missions.
- graphics rendered as if they were 7 years ago.
- glitch glitch glitch enough to stop game play dead.
- the absolute worse...confining beyond belief, i.e. during the story line in a sequence they make you walk for a minute (doing nothing more, can do nothing more than that) and then you're welcomed with the wonderful loading page, then a terrible rendering talking sequence that cuts off mid-stride and leaves you to wonder did something just happen.

could continue but useless since it's all relative. I bought the game, played to the end and only do not condemn Ubisoft to litigation save the length of the game could merit the cost. Other than that, it now resides as a coaster next to this computer with my drink on it.

User Info: Chidodood

5 years ago#86
1. I jumped on a fence then the "invisible spring" sent me flying 100 feet in the air.
2. I saved people for a homestead mission, and during the cutscene, enemies attacked and actually killed me while the cutscene was going on
3. Two guards were talking, i assassinated one...they kept having their conversation. Like the dude was dead, but you could hear two voices.
4. Killed a guard on a hill, half his body got stuck in the dirt then his limbs started stretching and flopping around everywhere.

Those were the very memorable ones, but honestly, i found them hilarious. If they cause you to die, its not too bad, because the game is beyond easy.
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User Info: cid00

5 years ago#87
Sadly YES, can't even count the glitches and bugs.
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User Info: OhhSnap

5 years ago#88
I seriously don't understand how so many people are finding these bugs.. I'm doing every awkward thing I can do possibly and I'm not getting any of that stuff.
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User Info: cool468

5 years ago#89
Fifa 13 was much worse

User Info: Flickerblink

5 years ago#90

This is the latest bugfest to come out. I understand there are deadlines but it is a joke that they can get away with releasing a broken mess and know it is a broken mess. A day one patch that doesn't even iron it out all the apparent problems. Yes there will be glitches but if they ruin the playing experience by hindering your control or making you restart the system then that is just inexcusable. This game needed a few more months of fixing, people would have waited.
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