How's the game?

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User Info: Coolio86

4 years ago#1
I soo wanna buy this game. But I wanna get Halo 4 too. I heard this was linear at first. Is it true?
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User Info: _Dura_

4 years ago#2
Get this.
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User Info: Cadaurny

4 years ago#3
It takes a few hours to get to the open world and have Connor as a full-fledged assassin but I didn't really mind it much, I should warn you that it seems to be fairly glitchy but I've been lucky enough to have only a couple of semi-annoying (but not nearly enough to discourage getting the game) glitches happen, I can't say if that's the standard though and it's just an unlucky minority getting them or if I'm just very lucky. I can't speak for everyone and it seems like a fair number of people don't like it but I'm having a blast, then again I thought Dishonored was pretty decent and everyone seemed to hate that so who knows?
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User Info: OhhSnap

4 years ago#4
I guess it's a bit "linear" for like the first 2-3 hours ish. But the other 40 hours+ is well worth every penny.
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