Best hunting spot for bears (video inside)

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User Info: Muintir

4 years ago#11
manila2k1 posted...
Nice find. Another decent alternative is right outside a cave along the southwestern edge of the Packanack Region. It's near a river and it's the area where the brown bear in "The Man Eater" quest can be found. That area is also infested with bears but it can take a while to reach on foot.

thanks ill go check that out and record my finds if I find enough

User Info: DreadnoughtX

4 years ago#12
Muintir posted...
Since I keep seeing people on different boards asking where to find bears I decided to make a quick video to show you where to go. I got 60 bear pelts in about 45 minutes. The best part is if bears stop spawning you can quit your game, go back in, and be right next to the spot.

Nice. Thanks for the tips!

User Info: derrick112

4 years ago#13
DuranOfForcena posted...

Sure it would probably be more time consuming if you loaded up the convoys and sat there and waited for them to come back again and again, but you do realize there is other stuff to do in the game, right? Load up the convoys, go and do a mission or some challenges or whatever, and when you come back, spend another two minutes loading up another one. It's not like weapons really make much of a difference in this game, and only a couple ship upgrades are absolutely necessary. If you can't afford it right now, just come back later. If for some strange reason you feel the need to buy all the upgrades before doing anything else then you must have ADHD or something.

So I got ADHD just because I like to spend a bit of time to hunt and unlock weapons. What kind of douche bag reasoning is this? Just because it does not suit your play style doesn't mean everyone should be the same.

User Info: Reaper_ExE

4 years ago#14
Bear island is better....
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