Chasing Hickey - Need help :(

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User Info: AgentMel

5 years ago#1
And the award for the worst possible design of any mission in any game ever goes to... Chase Hickey. The prize? A headshot for the developer in charge of it. ><

I have seriously tried everything here: chasing him for endless laps (no dice), shooting him out of sheer frustration (also no dice), going the shortcut (no luck), and even the rope dart trick... nothing. No result.

Connor is hell-bent on tackling anything in sight, but as soon as I cut off Hickey, he just bumps into him, stumbles a bit, and then realises the guy is running away... again.

Pursuing him then results in Connor insisting on climbing everything in sight regardless of which direction the L-stick is pushed and inevitably he either loses his target (which should be forbidden once you figure out his laps) or loses so much ground he needs another full lap to get a second chance.

When I try using the rope dart, it either:

a) hits him, has him stumble a bit and then break it to move on before I can tackle him
b) kills him

And PLEASE, before anyone says "just get close to him"... I've actually bumped into him time and again, and Connor just plain refuses to tackle.

Does anyone have ANY other tips how to do this? I'm really, really tempted to just smash the disc and demand my money back at this point. Or whatever. Lame mission with broken controls is lame. :(
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User Info: GonzoDuke

5 years ago#2
I had trouble with this as well. If you go around enough times you will find that there is one area where you can cut him off by going down a different ally than the one he goes down. Sorry, I can't really be more specific, but it's toward the end of his lap. Anyways, the best technique is to cut him off by going down the ally. The once you're ahead of him fast walk in the direction he is running towards and let him catch up. Right before he does, start running. He should get just slightly ahead of you if you have done this right. Once you are behind him again mash on circle like a madman. Hopefully you will tackle him. Good luck, it's very hard.
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User Info: SydLosttarot

5 years ago#3
Start the mission over. Dequip weapons to bare hands and either money, poison darts or rope darts. Hopefully you won't need any of those with this.

Follow him once he makes that first turn but don't bother chasing him. Instead, go straight up the alley. You'll go under a clothes line. It may give you the desynch warning, but you can run once you've rounded that turn with minimal problems and you'll be able to get within acceptable range. Go straight-ish until you're deposited on the Main Street and turn left. Run to the right side of the road, want to say second or third alley-way is where he'll pop out.

Use the O button to tackle him once you're oriented properly. If you have time before he comes out of that alley, you might want to use some money to clear civilians out of the way. If he's still too fast for you even with this head-start and intercept route, use a poison dart on him. He'll go very slow, but you have to tackle him before the poison kills.

Sorry for the vagueness of the directions, but I'm sure someone else can elaborate if needed or offer an alternate strategy. Good luck.

User Info: Senta

5 years ago#4
I actually stopped following him right at the start..I didn't even follow him down the first turn at the start, I just went down the first alleyway instead, and it took about 5 seconds before he ran right into me, just from running straight from my first turn.
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  3. Chasing Hickey - Need help :(

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