Your reaction immediately after Sequence 3 ended.

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User Info: oskman888

5 years ago#11
It completely caught me off-guard, even though one of the Animus codex entries pretty much said that he was.

User Info: LostGirlChan

5 years ago#12
"Wait, what?"

At the same time with Desmond.
Zidane: "No cloud, no squall, shall hinder us!"
Cloud & Squall: "Whatever."

User Info: Kai200X

5 years ago#13
I got a feeling about it, I mean you can just tell that he's not that good of an assassin... if that make sense lol
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User Info: yuna359

5 years ago#14
LostGirlChan posted...
"Wait, what?"

At the same time with Desmond.

Pretty much this, though I said it in my head. xD

User Info: gamefan06

5 years ago#15
Unfortunately, the database entry for Connors mother pretty much spills the beans beforehand if you decide to read it, so it pretty much just confirmed it for me. It was still a really clever and well executed twist, but they really shouldn't have put that in the database entry until after the fact.

User Info: Zio_Dyne

5 years ago#16
It was one of those things where I was expecting it, but it's still such a great moment, I couldn't help but laugh.
It only made Haytham that much cooler.

User Info: Mountainface

5 years ago#17
This game is going to have one awesome storyline. 7 or so segments later... Yikes it doesn't. In fact, it's god awful.

User Info: Jortan

5 years ago#18
The thing In Kaniehtí:io database I didn't really get I was thinking wait why is she helping the temps too?
I had a feeling something was fishy about that whole start thing and as soon as Haytham was inviting Charles Lee into the Order I was like "Why isn't he saying the Creeds rules and stuff?" and as soon as he said "May the Father of Understanding Guide You" I was like "OH F****ING GOD!!!!! WHAT THE F***!!!!!!!"
PSN - MUR0013 wish I could change it :S

User Info: xxcheexx

5 years ago#19
My reaction: O_O
"Well the game might not be so boring after all!"

I finished the game. Mixed feelings whether I like the game or not.
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User Info: Yuna Fan

Yuna Fan
5 years ago#20
I was echoing Desmond, and was expecting the plot to continue being awesome.

So far I'm up to Sequence 9 and I'm really having to push myself through every single mission.
With "Sin" gone I thought the peaceful days would last forever... - Yuna; FFX-2
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  3. Your reaction immediately after Sequence 3 ended.

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