Your reaction immediately after Sequence 3 ended.

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User Info: hyjinx17

4 years ago#21
It caught me completely by surprise. Shock and Awe
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User Info: Billysan

4 years ago#22
So this is why they started us out has Conner's father.
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User Info: Karma3

4 years ago#23
I just remember shouting my brother over to check it then the 'how d'ya like them apples' trophy popped up.
I was amused to say the least.
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User Info: PrinceVege101

4 years ago#24
"Meh, kind of saw it coming anyway."
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User Info: DukeZero

4 years ago#25
I remember being annoyed with how they shove it down your throat as a super big reveal, complete with HOW'D YOU LIKE THEM APPLES, despite them spoiling it themselves a good hour ago in a database entry.
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User Info: NorthernDruid

4 years ago#26
I had been lightly spoiled on the fact. But it was still a great twist, especially due to all the hints, how they're always referring to it as "the Order" instead of "the Brotherhood", how apathic the doctor is and such, how Haytham's commanded to "Bring honor" to the guys back in England, how the Bulldog used to be one of them, and just every manner they have, is a bit more cruel than you'd expect Assassins to be.

But at the same time you're rescuing half of your team, and freeing slaves and befriending natives. And there's nothing to really make you think it is that specific plot twist. Until Haytham starts talking about order and control, without dragging Charles up to a high point. At that point it all starts feeling like something's majorly up.
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User Info: habbox77

4 years ago#27
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User Info: falafalafocus

4 years ago#28

User Info: professor_choas

4 years ago#29
I haven't played an Assassin's Creed since Revalations so I really didn't even notice. I heard him say 'What?' but didn't really pay it much attention until later in the game when things started making sense again.
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User Info: bakasora

4 years ago#30
"Oh ok... WAIT what!"
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