Am I one of the few people that actually likes Connor? (spoilers)

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User Info: James Mason

James Mason
4 years ago#21
"The not fully trained part is one of the few logical reasons I can think of for why they took away the counter attack option n only left us with throw's & disarm's."

There is a counter-attack feature...

Took me 44 hours to discover it though (I was 99% sync at that time lol)... Because somehow holding R1 renders parry/riposte kills impossible somehow... You get the slow mo but no riposte. Found it by replaying the boat mission where you gotta counter 5 sailors to get 100%... Which made me realise I had never done so... Just press O as the enemy is about to attack and then press X or Square, don't remember... You should do a counter kill.

Wish I had done that sync earlyer, as combat is now a breeze...

That said, Ubi dropped the ball when it comes to tutorials and explaining the combat system. At least make a VR training mode or something to test stuff like corner assasinations, disarms, counter-kills, etc... You end up figuring out the combat system by randomly flailing buttons for 44 hours...
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User Info: untamed_squall

4 years ago#22
I found him to be my favorite of the series. Second only to Desmond but he doesn't exactly count. :P

User Info: ggmboyz

4 years ago#23
If you play AC:R and heard what Altair and Ezio said at the end of the game, you might want to think again who is the best assassin. Connor, only go direct to what he wants to know or to do. Its like he doesnt even socialize with other, only with those he have business with.

Altair is the best of the 3. He already knows what will happen in the future because of the apple.

User Info: PurpleNarga

4 years ago#24
Connor is awesome sauce

User Info: Xflowright

4 years ago#25
Takuru posted...
Xflowright posted...
I'm not saying he's my favorite, but give the guy a break . He went through a traumatic experience as a child, and those kind of events don't just get erased from your mind. .

So did Ezio and Altair, they both also had tramatic childhoods but you don't see them charging headfirst into every situation without a thought or care.

The templars even are nice enough to warn him that to defeat them, he needs to use his brain more but he ignores all advice and goes back to trying to save the world by sprinting straight at the problem with tomahawk in hand.

I know all the assassin's went to traumatic experiences but Connor was e youngest I mean he was actually a child, a little boy. When you experience and know who killed your mother as a child; not going to be able to just swallow that. it'salways in the back of your head replying again and again . The fact that he sees them frequently doesn't help either .
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User Info: EvilAbdy

4 years ago#26
I thought his story was interesting since it was a bittersweet ending for him. The epilogue really brought it home for me, especially visiting his village again.

Also really liked how it showed him burning the pictures, as his job was done, and the hood coming down, to me at least, seemed symbolic of him completing his mission. It was a good way to make his journey feel complete. Though I'd be looking forward to another game with him.
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User Info: Ebak_the_cat

4 years ago#27
He is niave...but that is part of his character and why he believes so much in absolutes. He wants feedom. Not percieved freedom but true freedom and fights the fight for the common man.

Yes he has his temper tantrums..but I feel that comes from his traumatic childhood and his lack of any parent from a young age onwards. I find him to be the most kind, generous and humble of all three Assassins. He is very quick to offer people everything in return for nothing but hard work and to do their part for the greater good. Whether it be for their country or a small community.

In my opinion AC3 is the most emotional out of all the games because you have so many characters..not just faceless NPCs..but characters you can relate with and enjoy.
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