Franchise would've been better without abstergo and Scifi stuff ?

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User Info: _Dura_

5 years ago#11
The modern stuff was only good in AC1. It got way out of hand ever since.
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User Info: Stanimal032

5 years ago#12
I agree. Even back when I first popped in AC1 for the first time and I was walking around in present day I

They could have simply had the Assassins and had all the secrets passed down through the Assassin order and had showcased their fight with the Templars rather than being someone now playing as an ancestor. I think the series would've been a lot better this way and Desmonds parts were basically worthless. Everyone played to play as Altair, Ezio, Connor, etc.
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User Info: OhhSnap

5 years ago#13
Without the Abstergo part of the story, This game just falls under every other ancient era platformer games like Prince of Persia, and God of War which I find somewhat boring.

AC would just be another Hack n slash game with a typical storyline of whatever era it's set in.

The ONLY reason I even got into AC was because of Desmond and the animus; and the fact that the war between assassin and templar still goes on in present time; and of course the gameplay tops it all off.

The stories of the ancestors played more like fillers for me, and just the fact of intertwining many different stories together set in completely different eras just makes the AC story alot more different than any other game.

Seriously though. If this game was purely historical, I wouldn't have ever considered buying it; just because I've already had my share of those kind of games.
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User Info: Stanimal032

5 years ago#14
James Mason posted...
I liked the abstergo stuff, the sci fi stuff... What I didn't really like was that whole "First Civilisation and the end of the world" plotline...

Having the modern Templars under company named Abstergo and using their assets (including animus) for world control is great. I don't even mind there being artifacts from the First Civilisation... But it moved into the "too much about first civilisation" territory instead of focusing on the Modern Templar vs Modern Asassin plotline...

I would also agree with this.
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User Info: NicR

5 years ago#15
yeah, I guessed the Desmond and bleeding effect stuff wasn't so bad, but the whole first civ thing was kind of stupid....
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User Info: derrick112

5 years ago#16
Yeah gotta say I liked the whole abstergo sci fi stuff especially when you were listening to subject 16's commentary during the puzzle sequences in AC2. Listening to him at night in the room by myself were some of he most freakish moments I have experienced. I loved how they tried to hint that the apple was somehow involved in some way throughout history like with Nikola Tesla ect. I dunno I just thought it was really smart.

User Info: riouken1234

5 years ago#17
It's an awesome idea, it's just been handled poorly.

Even the First Civ stuff caught my attention back in AC2, especially with "The Truth" video. They just haven't delivered on any of that excitement since then.

User Info: Newts_Ute

5 years ago#18
Nope I prefer the 2012 part. The ancestors are just a side story to the real theme.

Although a lot happened to the 'current world' world in this one, too much was glossed over at the very end which left me with feeling like no real progress was made.
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User Info: Nightmare966

5 years ago#19
That's like saying your son would be better with brown hair and blue eyes instead of whatever he had -- That would NOT be your son right?

This is the same. The story was conceived as that since the very beginning, changing anything wouldn't make it a better franchise, it'd make it a different one.
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User Info: Advil23

5 years ago#20
I could definitely live without it. Desmond is a tool.
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