Which is better for creating peace- control or freedom?

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User Info: Ehhhhhhhhh89

4 years ago#41
I think that honestly freedom would be better for creating peace than control. For those who say there would be anarchy, that's not necessarily true. Let's say that you do get a yahoo that wants to act a little crazy, well the decent people could actually do something about him instead of "oh let's wait on the police to show up while my friends are getting slaughtered". I am a Christian and I do believe people by nature are more prone to do evil than good, but I do also believe that most people will not be out to screw with other people. It would truly be a society based on the people's wishes instead of elected representatives that feed us this bs that we are free when we aren't. I'm not trying to turn this into a political thing, but I'm trying to use today as reference. I'm not saying that a completely free society would be a perfect thing or anything, but for people have peace, they have to have the freedoms because any other type of peace is pretty much an illusion. Although I will admit, a good second option is the Monarchy that has its interests in the people, but most fall to the allure of power. In a completely free society, there is no allure for power, but just the will to live. Any who desire power through violent means would probably be dealt with violently instead of waiting years for a verdict. To me, the freedom idea is very possible if most of the people in the community have a decent moral compass.
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User Info: NorthernDruid

4 years ago#42
Total Freedom falls through, because there are people who'll use their freedom to rob others of theirs.

Total Control fails because the one(s) on top are exempt.

Anyway, if you want true peace, you need both, not neccessarily in equal measure, but both elements need to be present where they belong.

What you need to create true peace, is communication. Like really, really perfect communication.

If everyone could accurately express their thoughts, opinions and ideals in a manner that's easy to grasp, and possible to find a compromise for. That is perhaps the biggest step.

Then there's also, knowledge. The easiest way to make people go to war, is to make them afraid. People fear what they don't understand, so making people understand things is key.

An open society where there is no need for keeping secrets, or beating around things. Where no one feels a need to keep things to themselves. Where people don't need organized religion because they can find out their own thoughts on the world, and share instead of follow. Philosophise instead of accept. A world where everyone is equal because everyone is different.

But to teach, you need control. To teach well you need freedom.

Control without freedom brings resentment. Freedom without control brings dissatisfaction.

Because both alone, are static, they don't move and don't adapt.

Together, these expanded concepts can be made into something dynamic. which makes everyone fit in, but makes everyone stand out.

Getting there is another matter because that requires the one thing, humans are the most resistant to: Major Uncertain Change.
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