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User Info: stealthrabbi2

4 years ago#1
On the mission map with blue and red stares, accessible by holding L2 and pressing square, you give your assassin allies missions in the colonies.

What do the %s on the blue states mean? I've seen 10s and 25s.

Does leveling an ally do anything besides make it easier to complete missions?

The last mission on a colony is repeatable. Does the reward change after multiple attempts?

Is there a significant reward for getting all allies to max level, or by doing every mission? Simple yes or no is fine.

I found very little info on the FAQs.

User Info: True_Rune

4 years ago#2
I THINK. those numbers you see effect the adjacent states difficulty. like Massachusetts, it's a 3 star difficlty state, but if you've liberated the states surrounding it, you get a bonus to you chance to complete the missions.

leveling your assassins, from what little attention i've payed to them, seems to give them better weapons, and tools....and a beter chance at surviving battles(cuz good lord do they suck at level 1....but rock at level 11)

I haven't noticed a change in any of the rewards for the final repeatable mission in a liberated state.

No, i don't think so, but i think there might be an ingame trophy.
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User Info: dedi85k

4 years ago#3
When you liberate a colony, it gives you a bonus to missions in the colonies adjacent to it.

Leveling up your assassins does make it easier to complete those missions, but it also makes them better in combat when you call them- they're more resilient, get better weapons and are able to do more moves.
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