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User Info: _Dura_

4 years ago#21
JManGT posted...
Holding back? No,
It is still the full game with or without the dlc, before dlc became downloadable they were known as "expansion packs". Expanding on the full game.
If you don't want it don't buy it. Doesn't take away from the full game. If you like the full game then buy the dlc.

Expansion packs used to be content made AFTER the release of the game, and usually added a lot. Now they make content and hold it back specifically to get more money out of you, while still charging you full price for the game. It's disgusting.

How DLC should be:

"Would you like some more pie, sir?"


"Would you like the REST of your pie, sir?"
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User Info: JManGT

4 years ago#22
^ completely wrong.
It's "did you enjoy your pie? Would you like some ice cream as well?"
They add on, not take away from the full game.
GT: James Upton

User Info: AyahRiven

4 years ago#23
Lol @ everyone that has bought a season pass. If the Benedict Arnold DLC is a sign of things to come, I'd say you overspent by about 8 trillion percent.

User Info: _Dura_

4 years ago#24
JManGT posted...
^ completely wrong.
It's "did you enjoy your pie? Would you like some ice cream as well?"
They add on, not take away from the full game.

How delightfully naive.
PSN: Duragon_Mikado
kabuki....isnt that were you know...on the girl? - CrusaderZeRo

User Info: Reaper_ExE

4 years ago#25
AyahRiven posted...
Lol @ everyone that has bought a season pass. If the Benedict Arnold DLC is a sign of things to come, I'd say you overspent by about 8 trillion percent.

I bought season pass day one, with the game....
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User Info: James Mason

James Mason
4 years ago#26
Umm guys, you gotta look at the AC DLC track record here...

AC2's Battle of Forli... Linear and pretty average succession of random fights with Catherina shouting obscenities.
AC2's Bonfires of the Vanity... Pretty damn mediocre too... Can't believe they held up one part of the map just to sell us this DLC.
Brotherhood's Copperico's DLC... Crappy fetch quests.
Brotherhood's Leonardo's Dissapearance ... A somewhat short, but okay DLC.
Revelations Desmond's Lame Portal Ripoff DLC... PUKES
Benedict Arnold DLC... Bland and forgettable.

I'm not saying the Tyrany of King George will be bad, but I doubt it'll last 5 hours, I'm sure it will be more of the same and the fact that they make it non canon makes me question if we should even bother getting it... I mean, of all the DLC ideas, why make something that's non canon...
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User Info: JManGT

4 years ago#27
^ Battle for forli and the davinci dissappearence were amazing!
GT: James Upton

User Info: Billysan

4 years ago#28
I don't see the appeal of the DLC unless it's a bunch of platforming specif levels.

The mission designs in the series is pretty mediocre so I can't see myself paying for that.

The only AC DLC I brought was Bonfires of the Vanity. Only because it unlock a new freeroam spot. Even then it was a bit of a rip off.
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User Info: BanzaiHeil

4 years ago#29
DeliPro posted...
JManGT posted...
DeliPro posted...
Boycott DLC, stripping games of content pre-release just so you can milk buyers later, as if 60 dollar games aren't expensive enough.

It's a good thing none of that is present here.
Some are shady, like capcom, most are not, this, borderlands 2 etc

Even if that were true, why not give out the DLC for free for people who bought the game? If they spent 1000 more hours or a 1000 less hours working on the game it would still be 59.99 regardless, so why am I paying them more to hold back? Even if the DLC wasn't developed alongside the game and then removed from the final product, DLC was still planned and therefor they were holding back content.

The ugly truth though is that these games should have gone up in price a long time ago, but between nasty economies and jarring hardware price-points, they kept the software prices comparable to the last gen's so that the average consumer would still be able to afford them. Heck, even the NES days game cost from $50-$70, and those were significantly smaller teams with significantly shorter development times, and this is also not even taking inflation into consideration.

The fact is that games cost a s***-load more to develop now, and the dlc practice is what they came up with to offset the diminished return. What most people choose to see as a "ripoff" or "scam," I see as a way for more people who have less disposable income to still game. If you look at total new game cost (to the consumer) the average full game experience now costs around $80-$100 ($60+dlc.) So for those that ONLY buy a disc and no dlc, you're getting a massive game-to-dollar ratio when compared with the "total cost." The rest of us that do buy dlc, well I can't speak for others but I prefer to have my gaming experiences 100% complete, and I have the disposable income to do that while showing support for the devs.

Now, before someone jumps all over me with examples of dlc done wrong, hang on. There's no need, because I acknowledge those. Of course there's dlc done wrong. In some cases it's from years ago when it was a newer practice and they didn't really know what they were doing, and then are examples that are either flat out shady or at least failed to look at it from the consumer's point of view. But I resent the notion that it's inherently evil to profit from your business. The game companies simply need to find that difficult balance of a main game that doesn't feel incomplete with add-ons that are "worth it." Just like the rest of life, not everyone is going to get it right 100% of the time, and there are those that are looking to take more or give less.

But that's what I like about this hobby, dlc and all. You (the consumer) have a choice. Don't like it (or can't afford it,) don't buy it.
RAMMSTEIN -Atlanta, GA 04/23/2012
Soooooooo good!

User Info: Mooogleman

4 years ago#30
banzz is dead right

i remember killer instinct for n64 selling at 80 bucks ocarina of time i think was 80 too. i remember also egm or something talking about price to print though n64 cartridge 24 bucks ps cd 4 bucks. cartridges were always more expensive to manufacture with inflation though paying 50 back in those days would be like 70 now and we are paying 60.

dlc is also generally cheap and bite sized. expansion packs would cost 30 bucks for like baldur's gate throne of bahl when it came out which would be like 40 or 50 now. not a gta fan but that would be similar to buying one of those tony ones or the biker guy. or red deads undead nightmare. how much do those cost? alot less than 50 (almost a new game in itself) do they even cost 30? and it's tons of content. the ac2 dlc one is i think 8 bucks another is 4 bucks. and your complaining why? a movie ticket past matine costs 9.50 for often an hour and a half of entertainment. I can buy what for 8 bucks? a supersized big mac meal? a 6 pack of beer?

i feel the people that are most vocal against dlc are kids who have to save up to buy games or have their parents buy games and then it's too hard to get a couple bucks for dlc.

japan does dlc totally differently way more expensive and thats milking. i spent probobly close to 200 bucks on dlc between tales of graces f final fantasy 13-2 and hyperdimensional neptunia. disgiea 4 has over 100 dollars of dlc.

hell blu rays there you pay 40 bucks for two episodes at a time. dunno where you guys live but america i a great place for cheap entertainment and i just count my blessings.

why is the triple a game dieing out? because it costs too much to make people making these games barely break even alot so games are getting cheaper and cheaper. be glad ubisoft still is making tripe a games and either support them buy the dlc and help get more of them or don't. quit bitc*ing like a bunch of whiny brats with your panties in a bunch

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