Need some help guys.

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User Info: AK47SUKI

5 years ago#1
Which one should I buy Ac3 or Fc3 ? Both games share the same developer "ubisoft" and both games look amazing so I need your opinions. What do u guys suggest me to buy? Thanks if u help me lol:p
Note fc3 means far cry 3.
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User Info: bobbyrk

5 years ago#2
If you've been following the AC series, get AC3. If not, get Far Cry.
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User Info: Dboss107

5 years ago#3
no don't get ac3. out of my experience, i know you will be dissapointed and out of $60
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User Info: Klop_Job

5 years ago#4
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  3. Need some help guys.

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