Would you buy an exclusively multiplayer release?

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User Info: Fou Lu

Fou Lu
4 years ago#31
Nope, but I've been saying since Brotherhood that the multiplayer should be it's own game so more resources can be given to the single player.
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User Info: CharpandaV1

4 years ago#32
NeoMonk posted...
nubs222 posted...
<Oh for Pete's sake, they already nerfed the hell out of smoke bomb

Sounds like someone hasn't seen the roofing videos...
SB was buffed not nerfed, do your homework.

Sounds like someone hasn't read the patch list.

The "buffing" was an unintentional thing, thanks to faulty coding/programming. Which is why it's being fixed.
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User Info: MexicanBear

4 years ago#33
A multiplayer only game could be lots of fun if they worked hard on it. Being able to create and customize our own assassins or templars with different outfits and weapons would be neat. Maybe they can make it like GTA where you can free roam the entire city/cities and do missions as a team or even a clan. I would pay 40-60$ for that.
Thank you kindly

User Info: tiosuke

4 years ago#34
yes from me!

User Info: ajmrowland

4 years ago#35
Unless it was only $10, no.

User Info: EveofAbyss

4 years ago#36
Yup. I never get tired of playing MP. So, for sure.

User Info: marsh90

4 years ago#37
What's so haxxed about smokebombs???

User Info: Newts_Ute

4 years ago#38
Not a chance. IMO adding MP to this franchise is the worst thing they ever did.
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User Info: najzere

4 years ago#39
I've been less and less interested in MP with each installment, and this one I'm done with before a month is out. So no, I wouldn't buy a MP-only game. I also wouldn't buy anymore single player after this crap, so I'm happy to say goodbye to AC for good. :D

User Info: BluntChick

4 years ago#40
Thanks for all the great feedback guys! :D

And definitely I wasn't saying it had to be a $60 release, I was thinking more along the lines of 30-40 bucks, and even maybe a downloadable game, who knows. I just thought it would be cool for developers to have more room for maps and different game modes without having to concentrate on story and other stuff that takes them most of their space and time.. Like they're doing now with the MP events they could add storylines as they go, and different eras and stuff like that. Like one level could be Rome, the other Colonial Era America and the other being on the moon or deep in space, or in the stone age, or the animus core.. Thats the cool thing with the animus, they can add all sorts of era's and levels and not feel like its fake or exaggerated.. Who knows, just mix it up and keep it fresh!

So instead of releasing them with a bunch of DLC in the future, they can release a full game and then just add things as they go and let the game evolve, sort of like they do with WOW! I'm not saying they should go that route with the game, I love the style it is now, I just mean it could be an always evolving entity with new people joining and the game worlds changing, etc etc if that makes any sense! And by them not having to worry about developing storylines, they could be a new development team separate from the SP team, which would just work on MP and concentrate on evolving it while not stepping on the toes of those working on Story Mode and those waiting for the new SP release!

What do you mean about the smoke bomb being buffed or nerfed? I'm not sure what that means.. LOL! It seems the exact same to me except it doesn't make that loud exploding noise which was really annoying! Was there really a patch for them? I'm not sure how they've tried to change it, and are they still working on changing things? I'm kind of out of the loop on that stuff, too busy playing! ;)
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