Would you buy an exclusively multiplayer release?

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User Info: BluntChick

4 years ago#51
sundukes posted...
I would do it. I love the multiplayer, but they would have to add much more content. Many more maps and more abilities, characters, customizations and modes.

Exactly! Or let you design your own character Saints Row style! Make it R rated even, why not??
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User Info: LiquidAntagonis

4 years ago#52
Why don't we already have parkour-a-thons? One guy goes through an obstacle course and gets points by...I dunno...collecting flags or something...Maybe they could add some way for players to do tricks...

Then the next guy goes, and so on until everyone on the team gets a turn and then whichever team has the highest overall score is the winner. Each player would get a different section of course....There'd be four sections per course, and one person per team would be assigned to each section of course such that one section would be assigned a member from each team.

Or they could do some sort of racing type thing where everyone tries to undercut everyone else and get to the goal first...

All I know is there has to be more modes in order for AC multiplayer to make its own game.
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User Info: dedbus

4 years ago#53
From: BluntChick | Posted: 11/19/2012 11:07:56 AM | #040
Thanks for all the great feedback guys! :D

And definitely I wasn't saying it had to be a $60 release, I was thinking more along the lines of 30-40 bucks, and even maybe a downloadable game, who knows. I just thought it would be cool for developers to have more room for maps and different game modes without having to concentrate on story and other stuff that takes them most of their space and time.. Like they're doing now with the MP events they could add storylines as they go, and different eras and stuff like that. Like one level could be Rome, the other Colonial Era America and the other being on the moon or deep in space, or in the stone age, or the animus core.. Thats the cool thing with the animus, they can add all sorts of era's and levels and not feel like its fake or exaggerated.. Who knows, just mix it up and keep it fresh!

So instead of releasing them with a bunch of DLC in the future, they can release a full game and then just add things as they go and let the game evolve, sort of like they do with WOW! I'm not saying they should go that route with the game, I love the style it is now, I just mean it could be an always evolving entity with new people joining and the game worlds changing, etc etc if that makes any sense! And by them not having to worry about developing storylines, they could be a new development team separate from the SP team, which would just work on MP and concentrate on evolving it while not stepping on the toes of those working on Story Mode and those waiting for the new SP release!

This is got me thinking because it would be a pretty cool idea that that say the multiplayer was a downloadable game that they bundled it with the next Assassins Creed or retroactively with the ones that came out. So you have one multiplayer experience and its not chopped up and divided between Brotherhood, revelations and 3. You'll have a stronger userbase without this division. I suppose they can and dlc and maps to it but I'd think it would be better if when you bought the next Single player game it comes with bonus content for the multiplayer. Like say you get AC4:China. You get Chinese time period skins and all that for the multiplayer standalone as a bonus. Or maybe it gives you all the map pack dlc up to the point of the SP release + game themed content.

Basically it would keep things fair and give people of the single player and MP a novel reason to jump over from one to the other and not split up few people between many games.
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