Orphan kids vs. Italian bards.

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User Info: Junta_Jast

4 years ago#31
Orphans don't bother me, since Throw Money uses all of $10 and it shuts them up pretty quickly.
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User Info: SymphonicRain

4 years ago#32
Bards got in the way more but were entertaining and you could grab them and beat them up without incident. Kids don't really get in my way but the noises they make are annoying.
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User Info: Mpagar

4 years ago#33
Mixed bag for me. The kids sound more annoying, but the bards have actually stopped me when I'm trying to run to or away from something. On the plus side, I had the option of killing the musicians, which was a guilty pleasure now and then.
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User Info: GuardianShadow0

4 years ago#34
The orphans' laughs are nightmarish.

User Info: HavocLink

4 years ago#35
I wish we could kill the orphans, or at least beat them up.

User Info: zook2231

4 years ago#36
dillpickle69 posted...
In AC1, if you ignored the beggar women and started climbing a roof, they would throw a rock at you and run, which would in turn hinder my mission because I would have to stop, jump off, and kill the b***.
Ranked from most annoying to least, I would say
AC1 Lunatics
AC1 Beggar
AC3 Orphan
AC2 Bard
ACR Beggar

The bards actually would annoy me more than the orphans if I couldn't just give them a quick hidden blade to shut them up.

I agree with this 100%. The kids in AC3 make me mad because they sound like idiots but those lunatics in AC1 actually can screw up your game play and lose missions. The beggar women can cause the same problem just to a lesser degree, but those stones hurt, I lost missions due to those annoying wenchs.

User Info: Scarface1985

4 years ago#37
Lioyd_the_hero posted...
Bards were more annoying since they actively go towards you, orphans just stay in their own little circles or to specific street areas.

I like the bards because what they say was funny and they had at least music and were fun to beat up and such. Orphans are just there, nothing too bad.

The worst is AC beggar women...

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User Info: CarsAndGuitarsx

4 years ago#38
LostGirlChan posted...

*Shoves the Bard aside*


I love the Bards. They never annoyed me. I can just run and shove them aside and they runaway. And their reaction always puts a smile on my face. :) I like them!

Did someone forget about the Beggar Women in AC:Brotherhood? They were pretty annoying as well, but at least they don't throw rocks at Ezio when he's trying to scale a building. Bleh.

I take every pleasure in killing the Lunatics and Beggars in AC1, they were annoying as all hell.

And yes, the Orphans were pretty annoying, too. But I've gotten used to their whooping and cheering. So I have no problem running down the streets with these brats tailing behind me.

My rating to most annoying to least:

1) AC1 Lunatics
2) AC1 Beggars
3) ACB Beggars
4) AC3 Orphans
5) AC2/B Minstrels

I never played Revelations so I won't add the beggars to the list.

User Info: OfficeChair

4 years ago#39
Omigahd the orphans drove me INSANE and then the game prompted me say "Try throwing money to distract orphans!" Little did I know that if you throw money the orphans all turn into ****ing gollum from the lord of the ring.
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User Info: Shaminardrgn

4 years ago#40
I find it odd why you can't kill/beat the children.

It wasn't until the mid 1990's when child abuse was outlawed; I know this because I grew up in the 1980's, and I've seen fellow school students get punched, slapped, belted, struck, canned, strangled, manhandled and other horrible things (like the deputy principal using a baseball bat to beat and almost kill a harmless dog who was one of the kids pets that followed them to school, and he did this right infront of the yr 1's!)...Good gods! I still remember a fellow classmate being torn off the drinks fountain by the evil principal and dragged away for 'punishment'. what's more shocking is that was a public school!

I also recall a news report in the early 1990's (which no doubt led to the 'ok, enough is enough! no more hitting children' law) where two parents beat one of their sons so badly because he'd been naughty, that he litteraly died from his injuries. They panicked and made their other son lie to the police and say that a gang of blond haired teenage thugs beat up his brother and he ran away.

People believed in it....until a week later, when the parents finally admited their crime (and their once non-blured faces on tv were now blured...a bit too late for that, isn't it?)

Anyhow, what I'm saying is, staying with historic accuracy, children were ALWAYS beaten, elbowed, shoved, slapped or pushed around by adults...so why can't we do it in this game, even though we dont do that revpulsive act anymore?

And if you kill a single child, have the game desynconise and a message says "Connor NEVER killed children", which usually happens if you kill 2 innocents in the other games.
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