Region lock bypass?

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User Info: XIIIFinal

4 years ago#1
So is there any way to bypass the Region lock on the Game ,-,? Yeah it's most likely a pretty stupid question but a guy was nice enough to give me his NOS code and I got the sharpshooter code, I've used it and now I have it sitting on my US DLC PSN.

So I was wondering if there's anyway to get it to work on my main EU account/ GAME.

He also told me that he had seen some people getting it to activate in Canada/Random place in EU.

So if there's anyone who can help me it would be appreciated ;D
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User Info: Sharius

4 years ago#2
there is no way the NTSC can be compatibility with PAL
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User Info: SymphonicRain

4 years ago#3
Only way you could've bypassed it is the random chance that an American ended up with EU DLC so you could have traded. But you won't bypass the lock.
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