Trouble with "The Chase" naval mission...

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User Info: kaiserunited

5 years ago#1
...where you escort the merchant ship through a rocky shore, take out mines, then take on the fort. One optional objective is to not let the merchant ship's health fall below 50%. My problem is the cutscene where the merchant ship gets ambushed last way too long, allowing it to get hit multiple times. By the time I get control back, the merchant ship's health is already at around 60-70%, and it only takes 2 hits to fall below 50%.

This wouldn't be a problem, except it is impossible for me to catch up with it and take out enemies before they fire, due to the merchant ship pulling too far ahead during the cutscene. Even at constant full sail I cannot catch up. The ship always takes fire before the enemies are even in my line of sight.

Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions? Restarting checkpoints hasn't helped, nor has quitting and restarting the entire mission.

User Info: Monistic_Turtle

5 years ago#2
ah yes, I was wondering when I would see this topic. That was one of the hardest optional missions in the game for me... and seemed almost completely contingent on how lucky you can get. My only recommendations are to always be at full sail (which I'm sure you are) and as soon as you see the enemy ships, use your swivel to take them out (also, having your swivel upgraded is pretty much a pre-requisite). It took me way too many tries, but I eventually got lucky and finished it. Really, if you miss just one shot with the swivel, you might as well restart from the checkpoint. :(
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User Info: Senta

5 years ago#3
I found, for the most part, being a little behind and to the left of the Merchant ship made it much easier once you know where the enemies come from. Swivel Guns at the ready always.

Over all, it isn't too difficult. The enemy ships are slow to get into firing range to hit the merchant.

User Info: kaiserunited

5 years ago#4
Yeah, I'm doing all that. Full sail, upgraded Swivel guns. The thing is, every time I've played, the merchant ship is getting hit before the enemy is even on my screen. It's not like I come past a rock, and have a split second to target and take them out. No, I don't even get that much. I'm telling you, the merchant ship is getting amubushed by ships I can't see, because I'm a good 3-4 seconds behind. The enemies sit behind the rock, and can get off 1-2 shots before I even get them in my line of sight. Going fast or aiming better can't combat that. I just didn't know if I had to keep restarting enough times so I wouldn't be that far behind.

User Info: kaiserunited

5 years ago#5
Never mind. I tried backing completely out of the animus, then went back in and replayed the sequence. The initial ambush cutscene was way, way shorter. Therefore I wasn't so far behind. It was a small glitch.


5 years ago#6
Oh, yeah I know what you mean. It is a glitch, but I think I know what causes it, for reference. I think it only does it if you mess around pressing buttons while the cutscene is playing. If you press some buttons the camera will pan over for way too long (like 5 or more seconds) and not give you control. If that should ever happen, just restart from the checkpoint and let the cutscene play out.
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5 years ago#7
must be some lag glitch or somthing... get the swivel guns piercing rounds and aim dam well haha
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