Why do people like Ezio?

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User Info: CJFreeze

4 years ago#21
At first I didn't like Ezio for a long time even by end of revelations I had to admit defeat. His style is smooth and he was the first dual blade assassin but I thought he was too cocky and that's what became his downfall. Historically the real character associations are pretty tight between the good and bad so Ezio fits right in as a fictional plot holder. By the end I though he grew up enough to learn from his mistakes just like Altair and Connor.

With some more life experience and children of his own to continue the bloodline then I'm sure Connor would be a well rounded personality.
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User Info: Bloodlines1191

4 years ago#22
TheEmpsChamp posted...
Honestly, you answered your question in the first post.
HE'S RENAISSANCE BATMAN (combined with Tony Stark).
Seriously. That's like the greatest character concept for miles.
He was super deadly, stalked like a champ, had a commanding presence that rivaled the Borgias for when he shows up and all the enemies see him and go "oh damn, the boss is here, we're boned" in cinematics and stuff. He had a vibrant charismatic personality that you could understand people warming up to him and trusting him as an ally. He was rich as all hell and spent tons of that money fixing up cities, and went around constantly helping and rescuing commoners.
He made friends with all sorts of outcasts of society, despite being a nobleman.
And holy crap was his life depressing(he lost his father, his two brothers, his uncle, Cristina... Losing Cristina is the most depressing thing in this whole series by far)....but he fought through it and used that sadness and rage to claim revenge and then fuel his quest to stop the Templars.
Eventually he has become old and tired, and rises to the responsibility of Mentorship of his order, and goes about ensuring that the legacy passed down to him will continue in the hands of competent individuals. He finally finds someone he loves who manages NOT to die, realizes that he has done enough and that he can finally reclaim his life for his own. He finishes his one final quest and sees the last days of Altair, and then finally retires to actually have a personal life and a family.

Altair was a brash jerk, or else he was boring as hell. Eventually he just grew to be pretty much just boring. It's like he spends the game fighting to prove Al Mualim wrong, accidentally learns a deeper darker truth, and then he just quietly goes "oh" and wanders off to write the Codex for the rest of his life instead of doing a heel turn of "my life was petty and meaningless before. I must act on this newfound wisdom I've acquired. God damn is it more important than me." and then beginning a big quest to set the world right with the guidance of the orb. Maybe he did, at some point, but it sure never seemed like it.

Connor is a...I don't even know. An awkward fish out of water type thing. He acts like a brash jerky dipwad because he doesn't know better, and he gets all huffy and indignant at people.... It's irritating.
Still, I've not finished the game, so maybe he gets better.

As it is, Connor has got more and more annoying to me to the point that I actually appreciate Altair as at least being just arrogant and mostly quiet, rather than a loud annoying constant noob.

WRONG! Altair is the way he is (and Connor) cuz he's STOIC. Ezio is Vivid. There's no amount of character development involved or else I'd give a huge load of Altair info you have no clue about.
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