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User Info: Rixxell

4 years ago#21
The_Amish_King posted...
Luigioh posted...
Think about the settings of AC games. While I think Ubisoft can't write decent endings to save their lives (save for splinter cell and even then they're pushing it), they do think up some pretty original settings for their games, which I really like.

I've never played games set in Jerusalem, or Boston, or Renaissance Italy.

How many games take place in feudal japan or china or whatever? TONS. TONS.

I think the next game will definitely be a Connor game. They made 3 games revolving around god damned Ezio, and you guys think it's all over for Connor after 1 game, while he's like 20 years old? No.

i think so too. i recall ubisoft saying that if people liked connor they were going to make another connor game. i think it is going to be in post-revolution england because in one of the conversations with his assassin recruits, connor says he would like to see england. maybe he'll find templars that are up to no good?

It would be better to have Conner involved in the French Revolution then more English shenanigans. After all, the French Revolution was inspired by the American Revolution so it would be best for possible connections to events in AC3. This of course can lead to the Napoleonic wars which ended in 1815. However I think it wouldn't be wise to send Conner overseas since he was supposed to have been watching over his peoples land.

If there was going to be another Conner game, I think that taking advantage of things such as America's westward expansion after the Louisiana Purchase and maybe take it into the War of 1812. Seeing Washington sacked by the British would be very fun and who knows, Conner may have played a reason in why Andrew Jackson won the Battle of New Orleans after the war had already ended. Jackson did take Native American assistance during this point in time, so it wouldn't be too hard to believe.
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