I have not played any of the other AC's

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User Info: HughJorgenn

5 years ago#1
Is it really that important? I know the older ones are dirt cheap but I am trying not to add to my backlog.

User Info: OhhSnap

5 years ago#2
Not so important in terms of the ancestors' stories which takes up most of the games.
But you'll want to look into the Desmond cutscenes on youtube or read it up on wiki to understand what he's trying to do.

I personally didn't want to buy the other few games either, so I just watched the story cutscenes on youtube
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User Info: shabalakazam

5 years ago#3
You'd be missing out on a lot.

AC2 and Brohood was amazing, so I suggest playing at least one of them first else it'll be hard to go back to it once you've played this game.

User Info: LordChewbacca

5 years ago#4
I never managed to finish the titles I played previously in the series(1 and 2, just got bored of them) and never touched brotherhood/revelations but i picked up this title and I've fully enjoyed it. So you should be fine.

The backstory I learned from watching my friend play the previous entries and tell me what I missed.

User Info: najzere

5 years ago#5
It's important in the sense that they're better games. The story is ridiculous, so no that part's not important.
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  3. I have not played any of the other AC's

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