Putnam: "Sure glad you took your time with those ships, Connor!"

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User Info: Leatherhide

4 years ago#21
Connor: Redcoats will come and try to stop us from throwing the tea overboard. You must kill them, but only after I've jumped on someone with a musket and threw a few guys in to the water.
Fallout 3 isn't Oblivion with guns, it's Fallout 3 with Guns.

User Info: dillpickle69

4 years ago#22
I'm out of AC3 ideas :(

Ezio: Alright, so I just found an underground hideout for these freaks wearing wolf skins... Bet I can investigate the whole place in under 8 minutes!
I came here to chew bubblegum and kick ass, and I'm all out of bubblegum.

User Info: eratas123

4 years ago#23
Let's go a bit backwards

Haytham: I need to sneak into the fort and get information without being seen.....now I should go sabotage those out of the way cannon's that I say are a problem but really don't do anything.

And another

Haytham: Edward must die......but I should stop and destroy those powder barrels for no reason but to cause more death's.

User Info: Un_SEED

4 years ago#24
Desmond: I don't know how the hell my ancestor's did it but to hell if I'm gonna pull it off!

User Info: eratas123

4 years ago#25
That actually poses a question: Why the hell did Rebecca post side objectives and full synch on the Animus now of all times when the world's about to end? Why didn't she remove them so Desmond would focus? No wonder it took him two month's to get to the end: He must've been reloading and doing so much and wasting time with hunting.

Also explain why he went through AC2 in just a couple of days: No 100 synch nonesense to force him to repeat.

User Info: shabalakazam

4 years ago#26
Connor: "That scavenger has a part of my map. I can just shoot him now, but I should run up and kill 3 guys then assassinate him from avove. Great plan."

User Info: NorthernDruid

4 years ago#27
dillpickle69 posted...
Connor: I should be eavesdropping on these people while hiding, and there is a haystack right next to them that is being pulled by cart. Too easy, I shouldn't use it.

And then when the haycart reaches it's destination he uses the ancient assassin technique developed to follow senior assassins around in renaissance Rome... he teleports into the haycart.

Most of it makes sense though, the time limits.. not so much, since you're not gonna get me to believe that 1) It's scaled at all the same manner the game is scaled. 2) That Ezio/Haytham/Connor remembered EXCACTLY how much time they used, as a big enough factor to have "that" be the deciding factor for whether you sync well enough with their memory.

Altaïr: "At this point, i could call upon as many of my brotherhood as i wanted, i remember how they'd swoop down and kill the traitors who would raise their sword at me.. but i did not call upon anyone, instead i disarmed whomever came at me, and they stayed put."

Ezio: "And then i showed that thief, i beat his record by 15(or more) seconds"
The best plans are the ones that don't work unless you wing it along the way. -Skandrae
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