You just fully synced with the main character of the last game that you played.

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  3. You just fully synced with the main character of the last game that you played.

User Info: murry_the_skull

4 years ago#41
Last game I played was WWE '13. Last characters I played as were Shawn Michaels and Hunter Hearst Helmsley (DX Era)

So I guess that gives me a stable of 4 members (Triple H, HBK, Road Dogg and X-Pac) and a "manager" of sorts (Chyna) who were some of the most influential and outstanding characters in the mid 90's. And I have the technical prowess of the most important members. I can live with that!
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User Info: Madridiq8e

4 years ago#42
football manager 2013 ..

umm now I can coach football teams, I'm going to be the next Mourinho/ Alex ferguson

User Info: VasQwibQwib

4 years ago#43
LostGirlChan posted...
Can I please stop pushing and climbing these blocks now...


Wait, why am I a sheep?!

(Vincent Brooks from Catherine)

Same here.
Damn it, now I'm a complete and utter tool, too pathetic to speak up and take any decisions.

User Info: WiiFan77

4 years ago#44
(Demi-fiend from SMT Nocturne.)

Talking demons into becoming my allies, battling deities from pretty much every mythology ever...

...I kills Lucifer and doesn't afraid of anything?

User Info: Ravenicus

4 years ago#45
I'm the MC from Persona 4. Alright! I've learned how to make friends!
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User Info: ShiroSetsuna

4 years ago#46
Last game I played was League of Legends, I was supporting bot lane as Lulu. So I guess this means I will be poly morphing people, speeding them up,slowing them down, etc


User Info: Captain_Sexy_T

4 years ago#47
I am Batman.


Or not /thread, since someone beat me to it...
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User Info: Little_Ishida

4 years ago#48

Well i guess i can run ridiculously fast, and i never have to reload a gun ever again.

Downside is that I must hold the gun PRECISELY in the middle, and i cant look up or down, or crouch and jump

User Info: 91sportsfan

4 years ago#49
Jak III was the last game I played that had a main character, so I'd be content with some of those powers
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User Info: vecryn

4 years ago#50
if I did that I would be dragon borne, I would be the head of the mage guild, the assassin guild, the thieves guild and a lot more I guess
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  3. You just fully synced with the main character of the last game that you played.

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