AC4 Next year!

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User Info: egpNoodlez

5 years ago#11
JManGT posted...
Phykos posted...
Fine with me. I love AC3, can't wait for the next. I thought the new consoles would be out by next year though?

It's a good thing they have a new engine then that pushes these consoles to the limits. Imagine what they can do with it when the bar is raised properly (stares at wii u)

The engines for this gen are really already reaching their limit, AnvilNext 2.0 I'm not too confident in. It's still buggy as hell. Heck, I was replaying RDR recently, I've never been huge on the game but when I play it, I think how the hell did a game from three years ago do so many aspects of a game better than ACIII? Stability, draw distance, even context for side missions which ACIII seems to have none, just here's your assassination/delivery/courier mission, now you have my eternal gratitude.

Anyways, this gen really needs to die off. It's not just migration to handheld devices that is killing the games industry, it's console manufacturers like Microsoft keeping their hardware back. This year has been full of disappointments, and while Q1 for next year looks tasty as hell, the industry just feels like it's in such a heavy slump right now.

No one wants to develop that much for this gen anymore other than big developers and publishers who have the money to keep splashing about, other devs are biding their time and resources for the next gen. God I hope the next gen is goes back to a three-five year console lifespan.

I know Sony want this ten year lifecycle for PS3 to work, but I think a lot of devs are not going to stick by it. They'd probably be glad to stop working with the cel processor ASAP. As for ACIV by next year, I don't really know what I think of the series now. It's getting very Madden, new game every year with a few little tweaks. This year was like we exchanged the Madden experience for Skyrim, big game with lots of bugs, except Skyrim has a lot more content so you can find a lot more things that might not be broken.

User Info: scrawlx101

5 years ago#12
make AC4 rated 15.....also needs a cooler protagonist prehaps we get to play from a rouge templar point of view who joined the assassins in 1800s or something?
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User Info: LegendaryOozaru

5 years ago#13
Connors story feels as unfinished as Altairs did in AC.Too early for a new ancestor.

User Info: OZ_Archangel

5 years ago#14
I think they should go with Connor, hes cool. Plus that ending with him said that he still has work to do and its unfinished and has a job to do so it seems like they wanted to keep it open for him to keep going. Id rather they use him till he is old age like Altair and Ezio. Want to see Connor retire or lead the US Assassins clan or something. Im sure theyll use him still
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User Info: Dr_Jungy_Brogen

5 years ago#15
This shouldn't surprise anyone, it's a yearly franchise.
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User Info: AcFan87

5 years ago#16
Dr_Jungy_Brogen posted...
This shouldn't surprise anyone, it's a yearly franchise.

For a 4th entry though, they should take their was probably being developed side by side with AC3, since they have a lot of teams who work on the games. I say bring it on, I love AC (I even loved Revelations) so I can't wait to see what era of history the Animus decides to take us next.

User Info: VirtuousKing

5 years ago#17
AcFan87 posted...
According to this article, we may see the 4th game next year.

Didn't the fourth console game come out in November 2011?
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User Info: AcFan87

5 years ago#18
VirtuousKing posted...
AcFan87 posted...
According to this article, we may see the 4th game next year.

Didn't the fourth console game come out in November 2011?

That was Assassin's Creed Revelations, the wrap of the Ezio/Altair storylines. AC3 was just released nearly a month ago and now we have news that #4 may be on the shelves next year. AC3 is technically the 5th of the console games, but Brotherhood and Revelations are just essentially "Assassin's Creed II, Chapters 2 & 3" and so that is how we get the #3 on the latest title.

User Info: Bloodlines1191

5 years ago#19
Where's the survey link?
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