Haythem looks like Jon Hamm

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User Info: kappykidd

4 years ago#1
has anyone else noticed that haytem looks a LOT like jon hamm? I noticed it yesterday when I was replaying some of the earlier sequences.

User Info: OhhSnap

4 years ago#2
I'm not seeing it, sorry. Jon Hamm has that very distinct "white" look to his face. I'm not seeing it with Haytham. Maybe it's just me that doesn't see it. Idk.
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User Info: DuranOfForcena

4 years ago#3
Try Jon Hamm's John Ham, the ham you can eat in the bathroom!
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User Info: SydLosttarot

4 years ago#4
Don't see it. Especially the nose.

User Info: ShadowDarkstar

4 years ago#5
Every time I hear him speak I think of Roger Moore.

User Info: Lockon

4 years ago#6
quality pics there tc.
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User Info: AcFan87

4 years ago#7
He looks like Rhys Ifans (the actor who played The Lizard/Curt Connors from the new Spider-Man movie). If they make a movie about Haytham, Ifans should play him.
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