Dead body by the lighthouse?

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User Info: PyroJames

4 years ago#1
Out of boredom, I decided to check out the lighthouse to see the supposed "ghostly suicide jumper" many people have reported seeing. As I swam across the water towards the lighthouse, sure enough a person spawned on top of the rock by the shoreline. He was squatting on the rock and when I approached him, he jumped into the water! I decided to explore the lighthouse area some more and near the treasure chest by the lighthouse, there's a cropping of tall rock formations in the water. On one of the rocks, I found a dead body! If you're swimming to the rocks, you can't climb up them so the only way I got onto the rock was to jump onto it from the edge of the lighthouse cliff. Anyways, I decided to loot the poor guy and the dead body had animal pelts on him instead of money.

Is this dead guy a glitch or am I missing a side mission storyline? It's quite creepy to just find a dead body lying around.
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User Info: umbra_fuhrer

4 years ago#2
I dont know. Never heard of this dead body or a person jumping off the lighthouse. Though it reminds me that one time when I was exploring around the Lighthouse and I had eagle vision on, I found foot prints that started at the lighthouse and led to the cliff. Then they stopped. I thought it was the weirdest thing.

Havent gone back to see if the footprints are still there. They might be. They were right by the little barn area by the cliff and theres a small crowd of people milling about there.

User Info: PyroJames

4 years ago#3
Cool, I didn't even think to check the area with eagle vision. I will have to try that later.

Can somebody else also check the lighthouse to see if the dead body is in their game? If the body is there, loot him for free animal pelts!
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User Info: fooly__cooly

4 years ago#4
Interesting, i'll have to try this later.
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User Info: Gladion20

4 years ago#5
PyroJames posted...
If the body is there, loot him for free animal pelts!

Off topic kinda, but there's another body that has 5 or so pelts on him as well next to the trinket near the native village on the edge of a cliff, kinda looks like he fell off and landed there too.
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User Info: imcastortroy89

4 years ago#6
i think its an elf. not joking.
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User Info: The_Amish_King

4 years ago#7
i know what your talking about and no, i don't think it's a glitch. I'v found two others around the frontier and they all had pelts on them.
...although i'm not sure...

User Info: DemonReacher

4 years ago#8
reminds me of he suicide photographer from GTA SA, might check this out
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User Info: NeoMonk

4 years ago#9
There's a few bodies around (if you do the survival animal quests you spot a few) but overall the jumper is common if you approach thru the water, dunno what's his purpose but yeah....
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User Info: AgentSergei

4 years ago#10
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