Ezio auditore (SPOILERS)

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User Info: Pootbird

5 years ago#1
As many of you know, ezio, our beloved mentor, passed away peacefully on a bench. But the point of this thread is: how did you feel about his death? Happy? Sad? Shocked? How would you had rather had him die?
To me I think his death was actually kinda cool. He died at the same place half his family did a long time ago. And there's that question the strange man that sat next to him: was he a Templar?
Post your opinions here.

User Info: The_Amish_King

5 years ago#2
bro, i hate to tell you this but, your about 500 years too late.
...although i'm not sure...

User Info: gamefan190

5 years ago#3
I liked it, it was a sad death. It reminded me of Michael Corleone's death in The Godfather Part III.
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  3. Ezio auditore (SPOILERS)

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