Some story/game criticisms as I play (spoilers)

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User Info: Valkurian

4 years ago#1
Boston Massacre (spoiler)
--- Why would Haytham influence this event?
Achilles mentioned that the Templars are in support of the British. We know that the Templars would kill their own countrymen to acquire artifacts of power, however the Boston Massacre had nothing to do with why the Templars set up base in Boston. Was Haytham and his colleagues just bored? Why would they incite an event that would lead to a revolution? Also, if Charles Lee only needed to fire a gun to trigger the massacre, why did he shoot at the air instead at the guy that just killed one of his colleagues?

---Connor passing as an Italian...
I guess he could, but not when he's dressed as a Native American with tomahawk and bow on him...were the developers lazy to dress him up as a normal would have made Achilles look smarter if he had said back at the house: "Before we go to town, let's make you look like one of them to avoid any problems...blah blah part of the Assassin's skillset is to blend in...blah blah..."

---Haytham's first scripted use of a gun
Didn't it look forced when the player was told how to use a gun by killing a guard in order to recover some stolen documents? Why did he need to kill a fellow countryman to create a distraction? Why not knock him out or shoot a leg or throw him into a river, etc...? It was made more awkward when at the end of the mission, Haytham said that it was a shame so many people died for it...pftt! He was the first one to kill needlessly! Shouldn't the developers have made a more convincing scenario in which to teach you how to fire a gun?

---Connor piloting a ship (spoiler)
LIke hell a seasoned seaman would let an apprentice at the wheel while being pursued by cannon-firing ships...they should have injured the able-bodied seamen, leaving only Connor as the possible ship's pilot...or distracted them somehow...things like this make the choices for gameplay too obvious when concerned with realistic choices...
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