Bobcats in Great Piece Hills

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User Info: jackal520

4 years ago#1
I've completed every other hunting zone in the game but this one animal in the Great Piece Hills is driving me crazy!! Is there any chance this could be glitched? I've checked in the northwestern region of the hills to no avail, right around the frontiersman camp. Irritated is an understatement. Any help or advice would be awesome

User Info: wolfprincess55

4 years ago#2
Try hunting around a rocky area on a hill at night. Night is when the predators come out. I've killed at least ten bobcats in this area. Then again, I love the hunting feature, and do it a lot. Also keep in mind the forests are pretty much overtaken by wolves at night. Had a lot of them attack me before I could find them.

User Info: Hagiel

4 years ago#3
try YouTube for the exact location: Assassin's Creed 3 Hunting Guide - Part 11 - "Great Piece Hills"
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